Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Forgotten Fairytale

Once, there was a blog.

It was a nice blog, a tad nerdy, but generally good natured. The little blog was nurtured since infancy by many amazingtastic girls, all contributing a little something to it. But it came to pass that when the blog was celebrating its second year, the girls stopped taking care of it completely.

And the little blog cried and threw a terrible tantrum, the kind that makes mothers in grocery stores want to abandon their screaming, red-faced children. The little blog cried dramatically to no one in particular, "Why?!!!!! Why has everyone forgotten me?!"

And it came to pass that conveniently, at that very moment, an old, matronly, chain-smoker-y-but-very-wise-and-world-weary looking blog was passing by.

"Look kid", she said in a voice that made it abundantly clear that the inside of her lungs were coated with nasty black tar, "I'm sorry, but... blogs are for old people who smell like prunes. The new thing is... Facebook."

"NOOOOOOOO!!!!!" And the little blog sank into a deep depression and died.

The end. :D


Hillari said...

Love the story! but one flaw, the little blog made it to his third year. :P

I try to think of things, but nothing comes to mind.

I will post when I get my ACT score!

Yen said...

Wait Hillary, we're only juniors = 2 years. And the other problem is that you do not have a facebook. Although, I guess we could still attempt to convince your parents, since facebook is handier w/ the notifications and we can make a private group... but then there will be no more cute backgrounds to play with!

Yen said...

...or we could just make it a regular thing where every week, someone puts a post up asking people how their week was, what they did, and if they had any funny stories/experiences.... (haha.. which is what facebook is...)

Amanda said...

Wow, Aly. Just wow.

And people just throw random stuff on random stuff that happened to them that day...which is funnier with the blog because it isn't interspersed with random "Person 1 and Person 2 became fans of Stupid Saying Number 47!)

Misty said...

ok I have something: my ex asked me to prom.

Misty said...

and I'm just gonna make a facebook page for you, Hillary, and you can just log on when you feel you want to. Otherwise, it will sit there all lonely, but at least you'll have one... ;)

Keilee said...

Misty, that's fraud! Hillary should be able to make her own facebook to experience it for herself. i don't care about Facebook that much. yup :)

Keilee said...

wait....we did a little insert thing there that didn't the sentence about not caring is by Hillary, the rest is by me....

Erika said...

The blogs not allowed to die!!!!!
I can't have a facebook, nor am i sure i want one.

We need to post more; i dont't know what but something!

SO, I suggest we nurse the sad little blog back to health, we can't let it die after two years, what a sad depressing, short life. It should make it to at least 3.(of course that will still be a sad life)