Thursday, July 31, 2008


I have just granted all of you administration privileges, since I'm goin' away for the weekend! Whoopee! It just means that you can do stuff like change the layout and look of the blog and add music and stuff (IF you can figure it out...).

So...have fun, I guess!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

New Quote. Oh my gosh. I am FREAKING out here!

Breaking Dawn Quote of the Day:
Jacob: "I'll kill you myself! I'll do it now!"

WHO IS HE TALKING TO?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cows, Hair, and Art

Hey Guys,

I've got three new stories for you. First is the cow.

We went to the children's rodeo in Mt. Pleasant last weekend. There was one thing where they had a calf with dollar bills duck-taped to it. Then they had kids in different age groups go and chase the cow to get money. Josh went and I was the only witness to the horrific accident of what happened next. First, all I saw was a cow running away from these kids, it was running really fast. Next I saw this kid step right out into the middle of his path. The cow rammed right into the kid and the kid foled over, like this, <(cow). The cow carried him about 5 feet and then the kid fell off. The crowd all went, "Oohhh!" and I thought, "Poor kid." Then the kid turned around and it was JOSH! He got up and started walking back to the cow. I started yelling, "Josh! Josh! Come back!" He told my mom later that he got up and wanted to get some money, because he hadn't gotten any before. So he started walking to the cow. Then he turned around and saw his mom and realized that he just wanted his mom. So he came back bawling and his mouth was full of blood. His head had hit the cow's horn and his bottom teeth went into his gums.

Later, my dad was driving home from church and he played his usual trick. He slams on the brakes and says, "Oops. Hit a cow." He did that on Sunday and Josh peeped up and said, "But dad, I really did hit a cow." Then we all laughed.

Next is the hair story.

I got my hair cut. Not as dramatic, but it is freakin' cute. It's a A-bob. and the longest, in front, is above my chin. In the back, none of the hair is on my neck. I love it!

Last, the art story.

I drew my first picture of a human. It was the bad girl from my dream and I had seen her so vividly that I wanted to draw her. So I did. Here's the final product. (I already know it's horrible guys. Only good comments allowed.)

So there you go, that is my summer so far. (Or the last couple weeks of it.)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Ok, so yesterday I had to go and pick 95 lbs of plums off of our tree. 95 LBS!!!!!!!! this is when I am lucky to have nephews who love to pick things off of a tree. If anybody wants to come get some plums, come on over and take as many as you want. Otherwise we will have to throw them away because we don't eat plums.

they're not really ripe right now, but we had to pick them before our tree broke in half becuase of all the weight (as seen in picture below). Please come and get some, I don't want to throw them away!!!!

Hillary :D

Monday, July 28, 2008


OMGSH!!! I AM SO EXCITED FOR BREAKING DAWN, YOU HAVE NO IDEA!!!!!!!! (actually you probably do)

I just finished Twilight today for about the 100th time. I want to read New Moon and Eclipse before Breaking Dawn comes out, but my copies are currently in use and so are Hillary's, so I'm going to have to wait. I guess it doesn't matter any way because I'm going to be at Bear Lake when it comes out, so I won't be able to read it right away, which I am so bummed about.

I'm free anytime for a movie, since I don't have much of a life. So whatever time you guys decide, I'm in.

I'm glad you're excited for high school Misty, but I'm with Aly, I don't really want to go to my humongous high school. I'm usually excited for a new school year, but I don't how I'll make it without all of you with me. I mean, you guys are my sanity (and sometimes insanity) when I need it at school.

New Layout, anyone?

Hey guys! My sister's got a bud who's AMAZING at making blog layouts (just check out Baylee's blog HERE to see a sample of her skillz). So, I was thinkin' 'bout asking her for a favor in the form of her making us a layout...any requests? IF she'll make it!

P.S.- (Yes, Amanda, I know you don't want anything pink!)

P.S.S.- Plus, we NEED a new name. Any suggestions?

Yo my peeps!!

How are you guys doing?!! I am doing pretty dang good, but I haven't posted for like ever..actually I have never posted! But anyways, I AM SO FREAKING EXCITED FOR BREAKING DAWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I <3 Edward!! See you guys later!!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

LEAP 2, The Host, Motor Vu, High School!!!

Just information for any of you who may be interested... but it is also here for those of you who aren't.

I will be leaving on August 4th for Girl Scout Camp (specifically LEAP 2).  I will be gone for roughly 2 weeks with no contact with the rest of the world.  But at least I get to bring my Mp3 player.  : )

My mother bought the Host.  I have read it and it is AWESOME!!!  Makes you think a lot...  and now my brother is hooked.  He likes it, but he doesn't understand the plot...
And why doesn't anyone say anything about Jared.  He wasn't the best person, but he also wasn't the worst person involved.  I personally don't think he deserves to be ignored. 

I was thinking, since we have all been trying to see a movie together for quite a while now, we should go to the Motor Vu.  We would see two movies for the price of one.  It's $6 per person (I think) and they have Get Smart, Wall-E, Space Chimps, and more (those are just the ones UNDER pg13).  However, I do not have a van for transportation services.  So, if we do decide this is what we want to do, some one will either have to volunteer or parents will have to drop us all off (8o'clock or so) and then pick us all up (past midnight).

I also got my basic registration packet!!  I am so dang excited for school to start, I think I am gonna go insane!!  Have you guys gotten your school stuff yet?  Are you excited too?  Am I an official nerd now because I'm super-excited for school??

So, there are my thoughts and updates.  Let me know what you think.

Saturday, July 26, 2008


Guys, I have bad news. 

I died today! I had to run a freakin' nine miler. My legs feel like jelly and I can barely stand, let alone walk!!! Help me! I need suggestions on what I can do! I'm in pain here!!!!

Also, Go Jamie!!!!!

Friday, July 25, 2008


Hey guys!!! I work only Friday and Sunday next week! So I am free every other day! We could still do a movie! I still haven't seen any of the ones we were talking about!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

My Bro

WHOA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My brother is in KOREA!!!!!!!!!!! SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The time difference is KRAZEE!!! Make it tomorrow and subtract nine hours (usually 8, but nine because of daylight savings), and you'll have Korean time! Whoot!

I'm about to go to bed, and he probably just finished lunch...tomorrow!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Ears (and yet more pain)

It seems all I blog about is my pain, doesn't it? Well this is an exciting kind of pain though.

Today......I got.............MY EARS PEIRCED!!!!!!

I almost didn't because I was so scared. I mean I actually sat down on the chair, and chickened out and walked out of the store. The lady said I could come back in a little while when I was more ready. I was at the mall so I went to Pac Sun and bought a lot of jeans and then I went back and got them peirced. I was really afraid of the pain, but it really wasn't as bad as I thought. The second one hurt a lot worse than the first.
The sad part was that there was a can't-talk barely-walking baby right in front of me and she got her ears peirced. It was so sad to hear her little cries, but she didn't scream. I felt a little better and consoled myself saying that I wouldn't feel so bad if I cried beause I wouldn't be the only one. ; )

Monday, July 21, 2008

My homecoming surpirse

When I got home from Girls Camp on Saturday, I got some surprising news like Amanda did, but it wasn't a cellphone. Instead I found out my dad had a minor heart attack on Thursday and was currently in the hospital.

Ya, I was floored. I couldn't believe it. As far as I've noticed, my dad's pretty healthy, I mean he exercises every week day, and is the kind of person who still has Halloween candy on Valentine's.

My mom told me he was fine, which he still is, and hopefully will remain. He came home yesterday (Sunday) afternoon. It's just weird having your dad's life suddenly change that way. It's kinda depressing to see him have to take about 4 different medications for the rest of his life and not be able to eat as many fatty foods, but it's all good.

Anyway, we had an awesome time at Girls Camp. Audrey is so much fun to be around, she's funny and smart. I also love her accent, I mean how can you not?

Sunday, July 20, 2008

You Should Read This

Hey Hey!

1. Everybody email me "I want your cell #!" (or similar title), and I will give it to you.

2. Sorry! No texting whatsoever. It was less expensive, and since I don't even text like ever, it's OK.

3. I got my work schedule! I am free Thursday (24th o' July) or Saturday.

4. Somebody email me! I haven't gotten emails from anyone in FOREVER!!!

5. When is everybody's birthdays? I'm curious...I don't know them all?

6. What does everyone want for their respective birthdays?

7. Bye!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Well, off I go to Girls Camp! I'm so excited to have Audrey come, she's so cool. I just hope she won't feel too uncomfortable, since she probably doesn't go camping much (just a guess, since she's never been on a trampoline, so she might not have been exposed to the wild outdoors too much either).

I'm just trying to kill time before we leave today at 11:45 am (it's now 10:00am, I think the time thing on here is an hour behind).

We're going to camp Atoka, that's funded by BYU, I think. It's somewhere in the north direction. It should be pretty fun.

Here I go!

Answering Questions

This is some other information for a reply to each of your comments on Audrey.

Yen- Can you imagine coming to a whole new continent that you've never seen before? Well, just once, she's been the Toronto, China, she wants to go to Australia, she loves to travel. Also Audrey is 16, and Aurelien is 14, almost 15 :). Also, this guy is way hotter than the rest of the European guys. (Like I'd know. :P)

Amanda- It's definitely to see HIM!

Misty- I have just gotten a new toy, that toy just happens to be human . . .

Movie (again)

Hey guys, do we want to go to the movies tomorow? or saturday? I am bored and have nothing to do. it can be anytime tomorow, doesn't have to be @ night. Madeline is done w/ dance and cheer so she would be free. Shannah could bring Audrey and we could meet her that way.

Hillary :D

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

French Student

Hey Guys!
My family's French Student arrived on Friday! She is absolutely amazing! Her name is Audrey! She speaks English very well! She is also going to Girls Camp with us! I'm so excited! Can you believe that she has never seen a trampoline before. She has been on it constantly. Also her brother, Aurelien, who is like Edward hotness, or cute. OMG! He is smart, cute, funny, he also has an awesome accent. Anyway, you guys gotta come over and see her!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Today was my first day conditioning for High School soccer, and was it hard! I never realized how out of shape I was until I had to jog around the high school for 15 straight minutes non stop. and then practice soccer. I am a little worried because everyone there was really good. I don't know if I will make it.

You know Trisha from Algebra 2? she plays soccer too and she is trying out. She is also very good. I also saw Aly Jenkins and Ashley Hunzeiker(or how ever you spell that) there and they were on my team for a drill. (Only Shannah and Keilee will know who they are.)

I have to do this every monday thru thursday 7 am to 8:3o am. It is possibly the longest hour and a half I have ever experienced. But it was fun. :D

Saturday, July 12, 2008


EEEEK!!! *warning!! if you are not a complete and utter twilight fan, disregard this post. It is for twilighters only!!!* They have started the quote of the day for breaking dawn!!! here is a link to them!!! yayayayayayayay. :D

Make Danish Fish!

Sweden has monopolized the gummy fish market for too long.

Also, check out this random video of a guy dancing with a sign on the street corner next to the Syracuse Wal-Mart! We saw him one day, and apparently someone else did too - and decided to videotape him and put him on Youtube!

My "Homecoming Present"

OK, so I didn't really get it because I got back from Girl's Camp. It just so happens that mom got the chance to upgrade the phones we already had and buy a new one for really cheap. YAY!!!

Also, when I give you my number, don't text me. Mom didn't get text, so any texts I get cost money.


Random Wisdom from Girl's Camp

  • M! M! MAP! P! P! PLE! MAP! PLE! DOES NOT SPELL MAPLEWOOD!!! It spells Mapplewood...which is just weird.
  • The word "zeitgeist" is nearly as cool as "loquacious"
  • There is a Jericho Road concert tonight, and we should so totally go so I can get my hoodie sleeve signed by the fourth guy. YES!!! Jericho Road did a fireside at our girl's camp! WHOOT!
  • You can't replace "Spiderman" in the Spiderman song with "Legacy Park." The extra syllable just kills it. And "park" doesn't rhyme with "art"
  • When the camp next to you won't shut up, it does not help to yell "SHUT UP!" to the sky.
  • When you are in the middle of a half-blanket, half-trampoline mutation, don't think about it. Just say "all" and wave to the birds!
  • Everybody loves the river...bring your own life jacket and tube.
  • Yell "I'M AWAKE! I'M ALIVE! AND I FEEL GREAT!" every morning. It seriously works.
  • (this should be yelled very quickly)Don't mess! Don't mess! Don't mess with the best 'cuz the best don't mess(!) and we are the best from the east to the west! Centennial Park!
  • When you get home, just hope your parents had as awesome a homecoming present for you as they did for me...I HAVE A CELL PHONE!!! WHOOT!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me...

Good News: Yay!!! Tomorrow is my birthday, and I will FINALLY catch upto everybody and turn 15!

Bad News: I'm gonna be at Girl's Camp tomorrow. Pooh.

Ah well.

At least I've had an awesome weekend in Par-ee exploring ice caves and such!

Funny story

When Shannah, Yen, Mrs. Baker, and I were waiting for our luggage in the humongous Denver airport, I saw my cousin Wesley, who is 2 days older than me. I had to do a double take and then I realized his whole family was there. I went over to Wesley, who was like 3 feet away, and my aunt saw me, and we had a little family reunion.

Apparently Wesley had told my aunt and uncle on the airplane that he thought he saw me. My aunt and uncle denied it, saying, "no she's not, why would Keilee be here?" It was such a surprise to both of us.

As we were talking, while waiting for our luggage, we found out they were on the same flight we had just gotten off of, and we were also and the same return flight. What a coincidence!

So while we were waiting for our 2 hour delayed flight, my little 4 year old cousin, Bethany, entertained us by being cute.

I made it in Denver! (and had a BLAST!!)

As some of you may, or may not know, Shannah, Yen, Mrs. Baker, and I went to Denver from the 4th to the 6th. We presented at the Japanese American National Museum National Conference about our Topaz projects and the process of putting them together.

We stayed at the Hyatt hotel, where the conference took place. It was the fanciest hotel I have ever seen. Shannah and I shared an awesome room, while Yen and Mrs. Baker had their own rooms. We were on floor 6 out of I think 21. It was fun just going around the hotel.

We had a lunch and dinner banquet on the 5th where we actually used the dining skills we learned at La Caille. At the lunch banquet we had a salad, chicken with rice and string beans, and a super delicious chocolate cake that was SO good. George Takae (Hiro Nakamura's dad on HEROS!) spoke at lunch. At the dinner banquet we had a butternut squash soup, salad, sirloin steak with steamed carrots and broccoli, and apple cobbler. I was so full I seriously thought I was going to throw up.

On the 4th we went to a Rockies game (for those of you who don't know, it's a major league baseball game). It was scary because people were drink beer EVERYWHERE! Everyone was drunk; in fact, there was this really drunk guy in the row in front of us, who fell down 3 or 4 rows and spilled his beer all over a little baby. The guy was so drunk he didn't feel anything. The game was so long, we left before they did the fireworks because we couldn't take it anymore.

Our projects were on display, and they looked insignificant compared to the projects done by 7th and 8th graders right next to ours. My project didn't have a title because it was lost in travel, which sucks.

On our return flight, it was delayed almost 2 hours because of thunder storms, so we got home at 10:30pm instead of 8:30pm. The Denver airport is HUGE compared to the S.L.C. airport, so it was too bad waiting 2 hours there.

I can't get any pictures to load, so sorry. Maybe I can email them to you if you want them. Just let me know and we'll try.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Why has nobody posted anything for several days? It's bothering me!!! So I'm posting! Yay!

Tomorrow is going to be crazy. I get to wake up early to finish packing so I can be at a store trying on a bridesmaid dress at 11, and then at the church, dressed for hiking at 12. I then have to spend several hours hiking a completely uphill, 2 1/2 mile trail, get there, try to make dinner with a mess kit I've never used, try to put up a tent I've never used, and try to get to sleep with hard ground and only one small pillow. And I won't even know anybody, because Aly is at a family reunion!

Sorry to complain. I don't think it will be THAT bad...So what are you guys doing?

Thursday, July 3, 2008


um, what happened to our awesome music playlist? It occurred to me that it has mysteriously gone missing.

I don't think so Shannah

You need to read Hillary's comment on Shannah's post yesterday, because it is so true and I agree with it completely. Also, remember what Bella told Jacob in "New Moon" when they were pointing out that Jacob is younger than Bella. Bella told him that in maturity years, she's like 12 years older. It would be the same with Jamie, you'd be way too mature for him. Ian would be if not as mature as us, then more mature.
Even though Ian did want to kill Wanda, he had sympathy. He changed himself for her, what can be better than that? She changed him by being herself. And about Aly seeing only his outside appearance, she was just stating one of his many good qualities. He has many more that are inside of him (like his loving nature for Wanda no matter what body she's in) that are just as beautiful as his eyes.
Anyway, that's my opinion.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Guys. What about my second reason? Ian tried to kill Melanie at first. Jamie was totally excepting of her. How would you like to marry a guy who attempted to murder you because of who you are? I would want a guy who loves me for who I am the first time we met. Also, what's up with the eyes. Aly, read First Samuel 16:7. Man looketh on the outward appearence but the lord looketh on the heart. Who cares about how he looks? I want my guy to be compassionate, caring, and smart. Ian was none of those for a very long time! So Hah!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

It is freaking hot here!!!!

My air conditioner isnt working in my house.
A repair guy came out today, and he couldn't fix it.
Our air conditioner is out of date(i could have told him that..) and electricity is not getting to it as much as it should.

So we have three fans going in the house (yes only three) and everyone here is about dead.

(everyone say "awww, poor Misty and her family!! I wish I could help them!!")
and i reply:  I know, I know. But don't worry!  Another person is coming out tomorrow to see if he can figure it out!!

You could also all offer for me to come stay the night at your house... I'll just pick my favorite :)

This Is Why I Temporarily Forgot the Blog

These are the things I've been doing, other than work: World of Warcraft and my Interior Design class.

Check out my Fire Festival stuff! Whoot!
Next week won't work, Hillari. Me and Aly will be at Girl's Camp. Whoot! Girl's Camp!!! But the week after that...*shifty eyes for fun*

P.S. Ha! I didn't vote the one you said I would! I didn't vote "They both stink. I don't like The Host!" despite the fact that this is true. I voted for the even more true statement, "I hate Stephenie Meyer's guts!" Ha! Ha Ha! MANIACAL LAUGHTER!!! MWAHAHAHAHA!!!