Sunday, July 27, 2008

LEAP 2, The Host, Motor Vu, High School!!!

Just information for any of you who may be interested... but it is also here for those of you who aren't.

I will be leaving on August 4th for Girl Scout Camp (specifically LEAP 2).  I will be gone for roughly 2 weeks with no contact with the rest of the world.  But at least I get to bring my Mp3 player.  : )

My mother bought the Host.  I have read it and it is AWESOME!!!  Makes you think a lot...  and now my brother is hooked.  He likes it, but he doesn't understand the plot...
And why doesn't anyone say anything about Jared.  He wasn't the best person, but he also wasn't the worst person involved.  I personally don't think he deserves to be ignored. 

I was thinking, since we have all been trying to see a movie together for quite a while now, we should go to the Motor Vu.  We would see two movies for the price of one.  It's $6 per person (I think) and they have Get Smart, Wall-E, Space Chimps, and more (those are just the ones UNDER pg13).  However, I do not have a van for transportation services.  So, if we do decide this is what we want to do, some one will either have to volunteer or parents will have to drop us all off (8o'clock or so) and then pick us all up (past midnight).

I also got my basic registration packet!!  I am so dang excited for school to start, I think I am gonna go insane!!  Have you guys gotten your school stuff yet?  Are you excited too?  Am I an official nerd now because I'm super-excited for school??

So, there are my thoughts and updates.  Let me know what you think.


Shannah said...

Hey Misty,
Call me ASAP! I have a lot of stuff to tell you and I don't want to type it all!

Aly said...

You're excited for school?!!



I am DREADING it SOO bad.

It feels like we just got out of our flipping junior high!

And now we gots to go to a big, bad HIGH SCHOOL!

Remember how I couldn't remember where any of my classes were for the first two terms? Well, the high school is TWO TIMES as big! I am in so much trouble!

Aly said...

Dude, the whole pick-up and drop-off thing ain't gonna fly at the Motor Vu. People sit in the back of their cars, and if we had no car, we wouldn't be able to see. Like, at all.

Sad, huh?

Hillari said...

My mom could probably take us, or my dad. I haven't asked them, but I'm pretty sure he/she would. and you can also get chairs and sit outside next to your car, you don't have to be in it. How does wednsday sound?

Amanda said...

Misty, you are not the only nerd! I'm way excited for school, too! Whoot!