Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Next week won't work, Hillari. Me and Aly will be at Girl's Camp. Whoot! Girl's Camp!!! But the week after that...*shifty eyes for fun*

P.S. Ha! I didn't vote the one you said I would! I didn't vote "They both stink. I don't like The Host!" despite the fact that this is true. I voted for the even more true statement, "I hate Stephenie Meyer's guts!" Ha! Ha Ha! MANIACAL LAUGHTER!!! MWAHAHAHAHA!!!


Hillari said...

For what days next week? we could do it before/after girls camp. I doubt today is gonna work.

Amanda said...

Girl's Camp is all of next week except the weekend. And I think I have to work Saturday.

Aly said...

So...who voted that they both stink?



Hillari said...

Grrrrrrr. Is friday counted as a weekend? probably not. I know. Guess we will have to do it the weekend after. *pout* it seems so far away!