Monday, June 30, 2008

Get Smart

OK guys. So for my two nephew's birthdays I went and saw Walle (which is totally awesome and cute and funny; I love Eve!) and since Ally saw it too, I guess we should go see Get Smart. But problemo! I (and it sounds like everyone else too,) am going to be gone towards the end of the week, so we have two options: Go see it tomorow (which is very short notice) or sometime next week. Tell me your schedules so we can work it out! :D


Aly said...

Yay! I saw it at the drive-in! WAY FUN! But yeah, we should definitely see Get Smart!

And yes, EVE was FUNN-AY! My fave part...

Misty hearts NYC said...

OK both of you have proven that i was right! you both said that "Wall-E is just a stupid robot that makes weird noises the entire time"


anyway... I am going to CA tomorrow(wednesday) and will be back on Monday. (guess what??? my mom is gonna let me drive!!!!!)

when does get smart even come out?
and i still havent seen walle, so i think that should still be an option cuz just cuz you have seen it, doesnt mean that no one wants to anymore... just a thought.

Hillari said...

But we don't want to watch it again. Kinda a waste of money. Get Smart came out before Walle did. I know, I didn't realize it either.