Saturday, June 7, 2008

Hey Y'all!

OMGSH! I have totally gotten into drawing stuff lately! I have taken cartoons (I can't draw scenery worth crap) and graph drawn them. (my free-hand sucks . . . I mean vacuums). Anyway, Keilee's party was awesome. We watched Dan in Real Life and had lots of CANDY! It was lots of fun and y'all missed out.

This is for Delaney-
Hey Delaney, my mom got together with her high school friends today and one of their daughters knows you. I know you are popular and all, but her name is Miranda Hepworth. She says she was in Spectrum with you.
Yen- (since I know you all read the above letter)
she is also going to Davis.

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Yen said...

At least I know you know me Shannah! By the way, Delaney won't get this message until the middle of August, so this post will be long gone to her. Let's see, over 700 sophmores (i totally didn't spell that right) at Davis. The chances of meeting her are.......... quite slim. Thanks though!