Friday, August 29, 2008

who would ever wear them?

I was randomly looking at pictures and found this one. It's like a glass slipper, but worse!!

Labor Day party thing

So, you should all know by now that we don't have school on Monday. Hillary and I want to get together at her house on Monday. We don't know exactly what time yet, so get back to us about that. Madeline is actually is free to come, so the rest of you should come to witness this miracle.

Yen, this is what I meant about seeing you on Monday. Don't worry, we would never leave you out.

So comment telling whether you can come or not.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I found a genius!

Okay, this girl I met today in french is CRAZY! You guys think I'm smart, but I'm not. This girl, her name's Emma. She's in our grade and is even younger than me, like 4-5 months younger. This year, she's taking AP Euro, AP chemistry, AP calculus, and Honors english. Not only that, but she does Youth court, sophomore committee, and volunteer work at retirement homes. Who agrees that that's crazy!

Oh, and guess who else I saw? Coach P from gym apparently works at DHS. At least that's what I think. He was heading into a hall with a stack of papers.

Finally, this might not seem unusual to you guys, but today, my mom made fresh, homemade hamburgers today for the first time in her life! My mom's going crazy with american foods now and I don't know why. She wants to make tacos sometime this week too. OMG!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Sooooo, How Was It?

You all know what I mean right? How was your guy's first day in high school?

I thought it was okay. I love the French teacher, Mlle Henson! She's funny, energetic, and speaks French perfectly. I also like the Health teacher Mr. Martin. He's pretty funny too.

I don't think B day is going to be as good though. I only have one class with someone I know, and it's Pre-Calc with Shannah.

I'm mostly glad that the first day jitters are gone. Well, we do have a new and different day tomorrow, but at least we know our way around a little bit more.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Attention all TITANS!

GO TITANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

School will start in less than 12 hours! If any of you happen to also see this, we're going to try to find each other at lunch by going in the corner nearest to the counselor's office, OK? If you don't know where that is, it's the farthest possible one from the place where you get food...I think. We'll just kinda wing it.

CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Running is now a Swear Word!

This morning I did the half marathon. I finished all 13 miles in 3 hours 48 minutes and something seconds! I was ---beep--- so quickly that I passed three people before I finished. I no feel like I'm going to die! I didn't even get a medal. I got a shirt that says, "Top of Utah Half Marathon." I really wanted a medal. My mom got one at the ogden one. Anyway, now I need a nice long nap. See some of you on Monday when I will be crawling around the school in pain.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

My Schedule...ugh. Yucky.

1- Fit for Life - Brown
2- Health Education 2 - Nelson
3- Band (ugh) - Wayman (ugh)
4- World Civ Cel - Roberts
5- Seminary - Sayler
6- English 10 Honors - Baker (sorry, Hillary...)
7- Biology Cel - Thompson
8- Pre-Calculus - Canales (YES!!! HAHAHA IN YOUR FACES!!!!)
Where is nine? What happened to nine, people?
10- Advisory 10-12 Slc 2011 (what the heck are all the numbers and 'Slc' stuf?)

My locker is 2362! Not sure if that's good or not! Aw, wait- is that on the bottom? Amanda, did you say evens are bottom or top? Awww, dang, I think you said bottom...dang!

See? ZIP!

Hey, we need to have, like, a meeting place for lunch so we can find each other. Amanda, you got any ideas?

Still A Brace-face

Ya, so today was just my evaluation, they just measured my bite and everything. In 4 weeks, on September the 17th at 8:30 am (during English and French 3) I will get my braces off!!! Finally! I'm so excited, I just can't hide it ;)

Book List

Out of curiosity, why have I only heard of 4 books on the "favorite books" list? Well, 6, if you count in passing...Harry Potter, Fablehaven(which I still haven't read, I need to...), Inkheart(in passing), Maximum Ride(because Aly was talking about it during gym...a LOT), Twilight, and The Uglies series (in passing). And does ex. mean especially or except?

Just out of curiosity...We should make a more collaborative book list...unless I'm just the only that case, I can just stay confused. :)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Party Idea (so we're not bored)

hey guys!!!

so I was thinking for the party tomorow we could do this crafty type thing. you get a bunch of old magazines and scissors and cut up cool pictures from the magazine and glue them on a plain notebook randomly. then you get that lamination stuff that comes in a roll and put it on top. Everybody would have to bring their own stuff. Just an idea. does that sound cool or lame?

Monday, August 18, 2008

It's (The) Party Time!

OK, my parents have agreed to having 11 (sorry, Yen) non-screaming teenage girls in our home on Thursday at 12:30. Can you guys all do that during the day and all? RSVP to me by commenting. I will call those not on da blog.

Oh, and the non-screaming part? I asked my parents if I could have a dozen screaming teenage girls at a party in our house and my mom looked at me weird. So...non-screaming it is. Also, only my dad will be home at that time, and he will be working, so he can't give any rides to or from. We have yet to determine how long we expect it to last.

RSVP ASAP PLZ!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^

Friday, August 15, 2008


Hey! So I just realized like yesterday that we only have one week until school starts, (and I am jazzed!), and I was thinking we should do some sort of Party, Par-tay, get-together, hang-out session, or similar. : )

What days are you guys busy? I work Monday and Friday, but otherwise, I'm good.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

My Schedule

My schedule is so different than all of yours! Except for English!

1-English 10 Honors w/ Baker (who Tyler says is strict but you will learn a lot)
3-Concert Band w/ Mr. Wayman the AWESOME
4-Pre-Calc w/ Holt

5-Jazz Band
6-Driver's Ed/Titan Pride w/ Anderson/Wilcox
7-Biology-Ag Science w/ Stokes
8-AP Euro history w/ Berrong

Advisory is with Voorhees.

The hall system isn't SO confusing. Tyler explained it. 1 0r 2 is first or second floor (obviously), then (from the cafeteria to the seminary), it goes 300s, 200s, 100s, on the left and...something else on the right. I was going to ask him, but he fell asleep. Ah, well. It won't take too long to figure out. Just be glad that you don't have to run from seminary to band. BE GLAD. That is BAD for me. I found my English and Driver's Ed classrooms just looking for my locker. Tyler said he didn't even use his locker for most of the year last year, because we can bring backpacks to class, so he just brought everything to every class, and it worked really well. Especially for CEL or PVA, our lockers are clear out in the outskirts.

My Schedule <3

Hey Guys,

I'm totally psyched for school. I'm counting down the days. But . . . I'm running a half marathon two days before and my schedule includes running up and down stairs!! :'( I'm not going to be able to walk!!!

Anyway, here's me schedule.

  1. English 10 Honors Baker, K
  2. Fit for Life Faerber, D
  3. Seminary Sayler, C
  4. World Civ Cel Roberts, J
  5. Dr Ed/D & Al -and- Study Skills Titan Pride Anderson, K -and- Wilcox, M
  6. Biology Cel Wright, N
  7. Pre-Calculus Bateman, J
  8. Health Education 2 Knight, M
  9. Advisory 10-12 Slc 2011 Noyce, M

I (like Hillary) am not going to tell you second semester because it is totally wacked. Also, my locker number is 2403. (Yes, it's in the thousands)

I'm excited for SCHOOL!!!!!!!!

My Schedule!!

  1. Drivers ed/ D & AI (1st term) Titan Pride (2nd term) Anderson, K and Wilcox, M
  2. French 3 Henson, K
  3. World Civ Roberts, J
  4. Health ed 2 Martin, J
  5. Pre-Calculus Bateman, J
  6. Biology Wright, N
  7. Seminary Sayler, C
  8. English 10 Honors Wojciechowski, Mike :D (mike wisowski!)
  9. Advisory Tucker, P

and my second semester is totally messed up so I won't bother to even put it up. Does anyone else have Wojcie.... (you know) for english? my locker number is # 2425 :D


I don't know about y'all who are going to Syracuse, but I now officially feel overwhelmed. The school is way too big. Anyway, here's my schedule:

First Semester
1. English 10 Honors Baker, K
2. French 3 Henson, K
3. Seminary Saylor, C
4. Health 2 Martin, J
5. Fit For Life Brown, T
6. World Civ Cel Roberts, J
7. Pre-Calculus Bateman, J
8. Biology Cel Thompson, A
10. Advisory Tucker, P

Second Semester
1. Dr Ed/D & AI Anderson, K
Titan Pride Wilcox, M
2. French 3 Henson, K
3. Seminary Saylor, C
4. World Civ Cel Roberts, J
5. Food Nutrition 2 Veigel, V
6. English 10 Honors Baker, K
7. Pre-Calculus Bateman, J
8. Biology Cel Thompson, A

Locker #400
Communications Education and Law

I want to see your schedules too! So post them soon!

Monday, August 11, 2008


Wow, I don't know if you all care about the Olympics, or saw the opening ceremony, but it was AWESOME!! The drums, the costumes, the guys in the boxes, everything was amazing! The Chinese did spend tons of money on it, but it seems that it all went to good use. I can't decide which was my favorite part.

Then, on Saturday, when the incredible Michael Phelps, broke his own world record, that was pretty cool.

This is probably the first Olympics I've actually watched and been interested in, partly because the Chinese are pretty smart.

Anyway, I just had time, and nobody has posted in awhile, so I took the opportunity to.

Thursday, August 7, 2008


I finally posted on my blog! You can go to it here!

Random Humor

Sorry, so I got most of this from WoW, but it should be funny anyway.

Person 1: Why did that guy die?
Person 2: His health points reached zero...

Person 1: Odd groups to the left, even to the right.
Person 2: Which ones are odd?
Person 3: 1 2 3 5 7
Person 1: That's not odd, those are prime numbers.
Person 3: Prime groups to the left : P

While farming black dragonscales...
Person 1: How many blacks do you have now?
Person 2: 6
Person 1: Lol I just thought of us as plantation owners...that's bad.
Person 2: Lol

Person 1: What lvl do rogues get Blind?
Person 2: Around 80, 85, unless they have an accident of some sort.

Person 1: Hey, kids. Isn't it a school night?
Person 2: Isn't it a work night?
Person 3: PWNED!!! (Which means, you just got trumped)

Person 1: cud u plz give me 5g
Person 2: I'm sorry, I'm so used to speaking English that I'm a tad rusty on my Stupid.
Person 1: ???
Person 2: Ah, we have come to an understanding! Delightful! Do carry on! Now that that's out of your system, you will understand me when I say to farm the money yourself. Ta-ta!

Person 1: Looking for someone to take lots of damage and probably get killed to help us kill Stalvan. If you die, we will lament about you in song!


I am officially over the soccer thing!! (that took a while, didn't it? ;D) this is mainly due to the fact that the next day, yesterday, I went over to my cousin's house where she had one puppy left that wouldn't sell, the only girl. After months of trying to convince my dad, he finally gave in and let me get her!!! YAYAYAYAY!! I need help thinking of names for her. I want you to vote on your favorite of the following names and give me some new ones that you think would be cute for her. She is a teacup Yorkshire Terrier.

* Bella (big surprise, I know.)
*Gemma (pronounced with the J sound)
*Tiger Lilly

Her middle name is going to be Benevolence. :D

oh, and Aly? My parents wanted me to create a blog for the fam, but I couldn't figure out some things. like on the title, how do you get the background to be a different color?

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Sad News

ok guys. the following is to be read but not to be commented about. it will just make everything that much harder. instead comment to me about random stuff, ok?

Tryouts for soccer ended today and they made the cuts. obviously, i didn't make it. I am in no way bawling my eyes out (a big surprise, :D). I am a little dissapointed, but I was a little worried how I was going to juggle that and homework anyway, with my wonderful procrastination skills. I do realize that I am in denial right now, and am making stupid excuses, so just bare(bear?) with me.

ooh, p.s. I LOVE THE NEW LAYOUT!!!!!! it rocks. I <3 butterlies!!! :D :(

Sunday, August 3, 2008

OK, I feel a little bad. I was kinda would have been funnier if you would have responded, though! And I admit, I'm curious...I'm okay with the basic plot (of Twilight, not Breaking Dawn) just bothers me the way she gets to it. I don't like a lot about her how she uses the same words and phrases a lot...and the same topics of conversation...and I hate most of her characters...I like, as I said, three of them. Several are meh, but the rest are like UGH.

And I have finally discovered the thing that bothers me most! I've been thinking about it, because you guys have been so obsessed about Breaking Dawn...The best way to say it is in Professor Slughorn's words from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. "It is impossible to manufacture or imitate love. No, this will only create a powerful infatuation or obsession." I don't know that much of Edward or Jacob, but to me, Bella has that...obsession more than real love...which bothers me! The main character shouldn't be a fake! As you can guess, she's not on my list of 3 good characters...

Anyway, so now you understand more of my opinion...


BREAKING DAWN IS TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!!! I think that Amanda and all other twilight haters would hate this one the least. it has a certain quality that makes me think they would slightly like it. But now what am I gonna read?!?! ugh. I'm having withdrawls. :D

Friday, August 1, 2008

O! Keep the blog this way! I LOVE IT!!!

Though, you guys probably won't read this for several days. You're reading BREAKING DAWN...the new, probably even MORE LAME addition to the ALREADY VERY LAME series!

Now, I'm not saying that the whole thing is horrible. I'm saying there are only 3 good characters, and the good parts of the whole series could be taken out and placed in a new book. We would end up with this new book, with one good thing per page, a book MAYBE the size of an Animorphs book. And this much is unlikely.

Have fun defending yourselves! I will think up some more insults!