Monday, June 30, 2008

Get Smart

OK guys. So for my two nephew's birthdays I went and saw Walle (which is totally awesome and cute and funny; I love Eve!) and since Ally saw it too, I guess we should go see Get Smart. But problemo! I (and it sounds like everyone else too,) am going to be gone towards the end of the week, so we have two options: Go see it tomorow (which is very short notice) or sometime next week. Tell me your schedules so we can work it out! :D

Hey Look! I'm Not Dead!

Hi, everybody!

I haven't seen/talked to/interacted in any way with anybody! What has been up? So I haven't been on the blog for ages, but I went and caught up...Misty...YOU ARE SO LUCKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have $788 saved for my trip to Europe...still workin' on that.

I see that you have a new book by S.M....Man, I wish I had as good of insults on the spot as my brother...they're really hilarious....HA!...Elipses rule!)...No comments...yet.

Anyway...Wow, Aly. You complain about Trek a lot more on the blog than you ever did in person. It's kinda funny. Now we get to go to Girl's Camp! On your birthday! Yay! (^_^)

I could do stuff today or tomorrow (Monday or Tuesday) this week. The other days I'm working and doing family stuff. Have a nice day!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Ian O'Shea Step Over

I read the host in 14 hours. 12 hours straight on Sunday and 2 hours on Monday. I beg to differ with you Aly. Ian O'Shea is not the new Edward, Jamie Stryder is.
Think of it Logically. (Even though I know that half of you out there are not logical in an sense of the word. Anyway)
I have three major reasons for my choice of the new Edward.
First, Ian O'Shea is around 20 years old. Jamie is 16, way closer to our age.
Second, Jamie is the only character in the book who never once looks down upon or doubts Wanda. He is the only character who is constantly nice, the only character who is always looking out for the "Alien".
Third, Jamie is so much hotter than Ian. Who wants fat buffness, when you can get the cute curly hair and someone who is not like, 5 freakin' years older than us!
Anyway, you can argue all you want, but I dare you to come up with three outstanding reasons like moi's!

Taxi Story!

As you all know, I have recently visited New York City. Wow. That place is amazing.
I tried many things in this strange land. One of said experiences was 2 taxi rides.

We had to go to the Stomp theater and it was too far to walk (which is what most people do there, as only about 30% of the people who live there own a car). So we hailed a cab. A regular car pulls over, looking dubiously small. (There were 5 of us) The Indian taxi driver says, "How many you have? Oh yes I can take five people. No problems!''

So we get in, acting exactly as I believe tourists should. Four of us in the back, and my mother in the front passenger seat. My mother puts her seat belt on and I shut the rear passenger door. Then our Indian cabbie says (much to our surprise), "Duck. One must duck. "

We aren't sure if he is kidding or not, so we take no action. After we sit there staring at him for a little while (and I mean little, these people have no patience) he repeats, "Duck! Duck down! Hurry!"

Do we get out and say 'nevermind, we will find a bigger taxi'? (because there are van taxis too, you know). No, of course not. Cassie ducks! What else would we do?

So we go to Stomp(totally awesome stuff. their stuff is at btw) and the cabbie does NOT turn on the meter. (because what he is doing is illegal, but he seems to have no problem with it.) $30 car trip.

After Stomp, we have to get back to the hotel, so we hail another cab. This one is slightly bigger and has a mini tv in the back seat!! This cabbie (also Indian) does not tell us to duck, but does drive SUPER SUPER fast. Way scary. I am pretty sure his driving rule of thumb follows these basic lines: Car in the way? Just go around it! People in the road? Go around them! Speed limit 30? Push 50! Line of cars in the way? Simply honk until there is an opening. Then go around them!

I usually don't get car sick too easily, but I was about ready to by the end of the ride. This guy also kept his meter on. That was an $11 car ride. (same distance) ( really annoying). Cabbie number 2 also had Indian music playing in his car. It sounded kind of cool, but he kept turning it up every time we tried to say something to anyone else in the car. But he did turn it back down to collect his 11 dollars.

During both taxi rides, I was so dang tense and nervous that my entire body hurt at the end. (like how ur body hurts if you tense all your muscles at once and hold it for about 10 to 15 minutes.)

The end.
P.S. I may remember more details and add them in.... just fyi

I AM HOSTLESS!!!!! what will i ever do?

Keilee, this is your hint to jump in and say "You can borrow MY Host, and be Hostless no more!!"

If you did that, I would consider you a heroine and would tell everyone. Wouldn't that be completely AWESOME!!??!?!?!?!

P.S. if anyone else has a Host they would let me use temporarily, you would become my heroine instead of Keilee. now it is a race! READY SET GO!!!!!!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Move over, Edward Cullen.

Ian O’Shea has ARRIVED!

For all of you who’ve read The Host: IAN! Is AWESOME! He’s like Edward, but possibly cooler! HE HAS “SMOLDERING MIDNIGHT BLUE” EYES, FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE! That’s better than yellow any day…

Not that I don't think Twilight is still awesomer than The Host, but Ian is just so flippin' cool. I mean, it's practically impossible NOT to love Ian. Stupid Wanda...


How is everyone's summer? What's the best part? The worst? The weirdest? I'm not sure this blog will do it's job of keeping us in touch if people don't COMMENT! (hint hint)

Have fun on the 4th, everybody! And read "The Host", for heaven's sake!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Hey Guys! I was thinking..... something I haven't tried out for a while. Since Misty is back and Walle (is that how you spell it?) is coming out on friday, I think we need to get together and see it sometime soon. Either that or we could wait until Get Smart comes out and we could see that too. I'm sure the new theatre by my house (behind the Wal-Mart) will be showing them. I warn you though, the theatre still has that awful new-theatre smell to it. I know we will have to work out everybody's schedules so the majority could come. I know Madeline has cheer and dance from 6 'o clock until 1:30. Just an idea. : D

Monday, June 23, 2008

I'M BACK!!!!

The cruise was flipping AWESOME!!!!!
So was New York. It really is super crowded and all but I love it and would go back in a heartbeat. Or less.

Pictures will be coming soon, I promise. Either today or tomorrow is my hope.

Let me know what you all want to hear stories about and I will share them willingly.


Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Ow. Guys, remember to brush your teeth or else you will end up dribbling water all down your shirt because the whole right side of your face is numb and you crazily thought that you could take a drink of water.

Yeah, I had to get 4 cavities filled today. 2 and 1/2 hours later and I am still numb. And lucky me one of my teeth just so happened to be sensitive and I had to get shot with numbness stuff twice more and it still didn't take away all of the pain so it hurt while I got drilled into. Ugh. But I guess I do deserve it because I don't brush my teeth enough. I can't even smile straight, only one side of my face goes up; the other just stays right where it is. Above is a random picture of my new nephew Korver. I just had to put it on.

Monday, June 16, 2008


32 FLIPPING miles.

In 3 days.

While pushing a HANDCART.


We looked like FLDS escapees!

This is the madness that is Trek!

Ah, it was cool, though. Although I agree with Keilee about the whole burn victim thing...I may not be able to show my face in public for a few weeks...

32 MILES, though! Jeez!

I Survived Trek!!!!!! (but I look like a burn victim)

Trek was interesting and something I won't likely forget. We went to a HUGE piece of land owned by the church up by Evenston, Wyoming that I forgot what it's called. Anyway, the first day (Thursday the 12th) we walked almost 14 miles and I was about to cry when we were done. The nights and mornings were FREEZING while the days were HOT but with wind (Shannah, Aly, and Erika can agree with me on this). We did a little less walking Friday and Saturday, but is was still too much for my taste. The leaders would tell us how many more miles, or how much more we had to go, but it would always be a lie, we'd go about twice as far as they had said.
On Saturday, Aly and I were one of the declared dead people, which was awesome because we got breakfast earlier and to ourselves. But after awhile, being dead wasn't so much fun when were had to sit on a hill in the burning sun doing nothing while waiting for our Trek families to rescue us.
Yesterday I didn't go to church (I know I'm a wimp) but I seriously look like a burn victim on my face, because that stick sunscreen doesn't work worth crap. Usually mothers are supposed to say, "No you don't look that bad," but this time my mother agrees with me that I look like a burn victim that only had my face in the fire. Basically my whole nose and left ear are blisters and it hurts as bad as you can imagine. I'd show you guys a picture, but I'm afraid I might scare you all with my hideous face.
So let me remind you all to not use the stick kind of sunscreen for your face, because it doesn't work so well.

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Well, I'm back from Cedar City, if you guys even knew I was gone. I went down to the Summer Games with my soccer team.

The Bad News: We only scored 1 goal in three games. So needless to say we lost all of our games. The first game we lost 12 to 0, the second 4 to 0, and the third 4 or 5 to 1. So yeah, we didn't win any medals.

The Good News: is my nephews also came down to Cedar City with us from Preston (home of Napoleon Dynamite) and my oldest nephew got the silver medal.

I also got sunburned in the face and all my leg muscles are screaming in pain with every step I take. I don't have any pictures because it is hard to take pictures while trying to play soccer and no one else in my family takes pictures. So yeah. : D

Friday, June 13, 2008


I am boarding an airplane to go to New York City tonight!!!
After we get to NYC, we are getting on a Carnival Cruise Ship!!!!!
We will be on said ship for 2(ish) days, and then we will arrive at St. John's port (that is in Canada, for those of u who don't know)!!!!!! After St. John's comes Halifax (the capital of Nova Scotia).
Then we will get back on the ship, go to NYC and spend a couple days there.
Our activities include STOMP, Empire State Building, Ground Zero, Statue of Liberty, many museums, et cetera, et cetera!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unfortunately, I will be out of touch for the next 10 days.
Fortunately, I will be taking oodles upon oodles of pictures to share with all of you!!!

Dinner the first night on the ship is a formal affair, so I have to wear a formal dress. There will also be pictures of that, so don't worry. And don't freak out, those of you who haven't seen me dress up before. No laughing either.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

No, I have not fallen off the face of the earth.

Hey you guys! I'm just giving you an eensy update on my life:

Last week, I got my hair cut and colored, went to EFY, made a ton of cool stuff and a lot of new amigas, and danced with lots of boys. Yay me!

I am so exhausted, but this week I'm going to Trek (on Thursday)!

(small P.S.- Hey Keilee, is that when you're going, too? Are you in the Syracuse Stake?)

Next week I'm going to Youth Conference!

This summer's gonna be flippin' SWEET!

P.P.S.- I'm going to be uploading some pictures soon, all at the same time, so LOOK OUT! They're comin' at ya.

Monday, June 9, 2008


I'm so excited! Gail Carson Levine (you know the author of Ella Enchanted?) came out with a new book called Ever, and I want to read it SOOOOOOO bad. But I am pretty far back on the hold list at the library so I think I will just buy it. EEEKK! I want it! Sorry for my ranting. I'm finished.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

I'm 15!!!!!!!

Hey, sorry I didn't do this yesterday, but my computer froze when I was uploading it. Anyway, thanks to those who came to my party and gave me gifts I asked you not to give me. It was funny taking Misty and Yen home because they didn't know how to get to their houses, or at least told us what street to go on after we had passed it (and yes Misty, Yen was being a hypocrite about not being able to find your own house, she did the same thing, sorry Yen :).
For my birthday I got an awesome sewing machine that has 40 different types of stitches. (I know to some of you this is a bore, but it's exciting to me.) I also got a nice straightener like Hillary's.

Saturday, June 7, 2008



Hey Y'all!

OMGSH! I have totally gotten into drawing stuff lately! I have taken cartoons (I can't draw scenery worth crap) and graph drawn them. (my free-hand sucks . . . I mean vacuums). Anyway, Keilee's party was awesome. We watched Dan in Real Life and had lots of CANDY! It was lots of fun and y'all missed out.

This is for Delaney-
Hey Delaney, my mom got together with her high school friends today and one of their daughters knows you. I know you are popular and all, but her name is Miranda Hepworth. She says she was in Spectrum with you.
Yen- (since I know you all read the above letter)
she is also going to Davis.

Hey! (and totaly awesome movies)

How come no one is posting? Has nothing happened in your lives since school got out? Well, actually nothing has happened to me except Keilee had one AWESOME party last night. And today I went to see Kung Fu Panda, which you all need to see because it was the most funniest movie I've seen in a long time (well, actually since last night. I saw Dan in Real Life at Keilee's party and that was totally funny.) But Jack Black was HILARIOUS! So you all need to watch it.