Tuesday, June 10, 2008

No, I have not fallen off the face of the earth.

Hey you guys! I'm just giving you an eensy update on my life:

Last week, I got my hair cut and colored, went to EFY, made a ton of cool stuff and a lot of new amigas, and danced with lots of boys. Yay me!

I am so exhausted, but this week I'm going to Trek (on Thursday)!

(small P.S.- Hey Keilee, is that when you're going, too? Are you in the Syracuse Stake?)

Next week I'm going to Youth Conference!

This summer's gonna be flippin' SWEET!

P.P.S.- I'm going to be uploading some pictures soon, all at the same time, so LOOK OUT! They're comin' at ya.


Misty :) said...

how many pictures exactly? just out of curiosity.

Hillari said...

Were any of the boys hot? well, they would have to be for you to dance w/ them, but did you have a C.O.W (crush of the week)? I missed EFY, but I really wanted to go. Did you ever have the guts to ask someone to dance or did they all ask u? I wish I coulda gone.