Friday, October 31, 2008


the party has been moved to 4 oclock. because some people thought 3:30 was too early. Which, if I think about it, it is. Amanda, can you tell erika? I'll tell Janetta. thanks! :D

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I can drive(almost) legally! YAY!

I PASSED MY TEST!!! I took my drivers test today and I passed. I got an 8 out of 22. which is good believe it or not. 0 is the best and 22 is the worst. so I did OK.

I mostly got marked down on (big surprise) indecisiveness. also I got dislexic and thought we were parking down hill instead of uphill. that was it.

Now all I have to do is pay my 75 bucks and wait for march to come along. Why am I such a procrastinator? ugh.

In other news (aka party news) I have concluded that EVERYONE, but misty 'cause she still isn't sure(as far as I know), can come! and only three will be late!!!!(Shannah, Madeline, and Erika) YAY! :)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

I'M FREEEEEeeeeeEEEEEEEEEeeeeeEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm free! I never have to go to Lagoon ever again! And my mom was all like, "What lessons have you learned?" And I was like

1. Nothing makes you miss church like going to work instead
2. Money isn't worth it if you hate the job
3. But it's still kinda nice
4. Sometimes you just have to deal with things you end up not liking, because it will be better for you
5. If you don't like to stand around all day doing nothing to very little, and having no one to talk to, while annoying pop music is blaring you so can't even think, don't work at Lagoon.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

It's a Party!

OK, so it's not really, but it is a concert! All who are on this blog are hereby invited to Syracuse High School's band concert on Wednesday, October 29th at 7:30 PM. Syracuse Jr.'s Symphonic Band will be playing, plus our concert band and jazz band. (If you want to come at 5:30, you can hear all of SJH's bands) Oh, and a combined song with SJH and concert band. COME!!! ^_^

P.S. Don't worry, we're only playing 2 songs in jazz band and there won't be much soloing. One of them is only Keegan and Aaron and the other one is probably Keegan and...probably one more.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Look how cool this is!

Hey guys, (mainly Misty, Dalaney, and Erika)
You guys that are going to france. I talked to Audrey about meeting you guys in Paris and this is what she said. Hey Misty,
"No problem to your friend, I just had ask my parents to meet her, and they are very excited!"
She means (If you didn't get it) that she talked to her parents about meeting you and they were very excited to meet you.
So I just need a date and time. Wouldn't that be cool if you could meet her and, maybe her brother, in person!
Also, Misty can you e-mail me your e-mail because the one I have didn't work.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Halloween Party

its official. I'm posting this right now so there is no confusion. I will also email everyone and call those I know won't check their email. I don't know Jannetta's email/phone though.

WHEN?: NOV. 1ST starting @ 3:30, (this is negotiable), and ending whenever everbody has to go home. Hopefully 12:00. optimistically. ; )
WHERE?: My house 1369 s. 2200w. (behind the jr. High.)
WHY?: 'Cause we all need to see each other at the same time all together. for longer than 30 min.
oh! and have a costume to dress in. you'll feel left out if you don't because even my dog will be wearing one. If anyone has anything that they MUST do, then tell me.

Monday, October 20, 2008

SEATTLE (cont.)

Hey again! I'm home! I'm so excited, though I can't truthfully say that I really, truly missed Chloe. She's so . . . hyper! Anyway, here's some stuff that happened today and some stuff I forgot.

First, sorry two reasons why I can't post pictures. First, our computer is way to slow! I could never get it to download on my old computer. Second, my mom's camers ran out of battery's at the Boise, Idaho temple today. So she used mine. Later, while she was in the car, she tried to put the date on my camera. She accidentally deleted all of my pictures. I balled for a long time. Then I thought "my mom has pics" so I forgave her. So you'll have to check my moms blog if you want pics, when she puts them on.

Next, my other favorite part was Deception Pass. (Maddie check the comments, I answered all of your guys questions.) Let me explain to you my fear. We were about 30 stories up above the ocean. There were two lanes in the road, then on each side of the road there is a pass about 2 and a half feet wide. This is what you walk on while cars are zooming pass you just a couple feet away. Then on the other side is a huge drop. Kinda scary. When we got to the middle I looked down and guess what I saw! I saw a wild seal. It was belly up just looking up at me. It was so cute. I don't know how it could have eaten the penguin on Happy Heet. It was awesome.

Next, when we were trying to come home today, we were delayed about three hours. Our car broke down right across from a friendly mechanics. He helped us get the part. Then three hours later (and 700 dollars) we were off again. It was very conveniant . . . (P.S. My mom figured that the whole trip, gas and everything, cost about 700 dollars, so the car doubled it.)

Finally, we were on the island and guess what we saw. One gas station had gas for $2.97 a gallon! I know amazing. My mom took a picture of it.

So that's all, for now. See ya'!

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Omgsh! Guess where I am write now!?

A million dollar home. I've slept in it the past 2 nights!

Seattle is amazing. We went to the top of the space needle! It's amazing. Everything is so beatiful, except the smoke that is always in the air. For you LDS peoples I went to the Seattle temple yesterday.

Today we stayed on the island. Oh yea, I'm living on an island, off of the continental U.S. Cool huh?! We saw a lighthouse bunkers where they defended the island from pirates and blew up stuff! We also saw some old men dancing in traditional clothes (weird clothes) with a pipe blowing guy! We found huge amazing shells too!

Yesterday we went to the mainland. We went to the temple, then we went to the Pike Market Place. People through fish everywhere. It's awesome! You should look it up. I got a green apple that was bigger than my hand! No lie! Then we went to the Seattle Aquarium! No sharks. (Sorry Aly, no one got eaten) Britney and my mom did touch a sea anemone though! They say that is sucked onto their hand. I touched a starfish. Then we went up the Space Needle. It's 520 feet tall. (No Misty, it's not nearly as tall as the Eiffel Tower) We also went on the Monorel (spelling?) Amanda would probably know more about it then I do. I know that it went really fast. ;)

Then comes my favorite part of the whole trip.

We went on Ferry Rides yesterday and the day before! It's so fun. Yesterday we came back in the dark. I felt like I was on the Titanic. We were riding against the wind so I put my arms out and hummed the song! It was sooooooo much fun!

Also, I saw lots of Jelly fish, at the aquarium and then we found some that got beached when the tide went in. My mom saved two and when my dad tried to save one, he ripped it to shreds. It was kinda sad. I didn't dare touch one. But it was awesome. Do the made Jello from Jelly fish? :)

So that was pretty much my trip. If I think up more I'll tell you later. It's an hour later here so I'm like way tired. We are going to turn around and leave this beautiful island, maybe forever, tomorrow! :(

Good night everyone!

Friday, October 17, 2008


HEY HILLARY! Could you please put a list of everybody who is invited to el Halloween Par-tay on here? Thank!

Also, if anybody wants to email me a picture of themselves (or anything, really) so that I can fiddle around with it, that'd be awesome! Thanks!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My Family's New Blog

Hey guys,
This is my family's new blog.
It has some awesome ugly pics of me and my family!
So have fun.
(and yes, that is my mom on a moter cycle)


OK, it's official.... I'M GOING TO PARIS!!!! AND FLORENCE!!!! AND ROME!!!! OMG!!!!
Sorry, just had to get it all out!!  In Paris, we will be going to the Louvre, Notre Dame Cathedral, and maybe Versailles.  Then it's off to Milan and then to Florence where we might take an excursion to Pisa. Then in Rome, where we'll go to Vatican City, then come home.  Isn't it amazing???  I promise to take LOADS of pictures for you all.   And I promise to put them on the blog or email them to you this time. 

There is also a Halloween Dance at my school on October the 24th.  It is a costume dance, and the cost is five dollars.  I would love for as many of you as possible to come!!

And would you all please email me your IM info?  I sent out an email a while ago and have only gotten a few responses, which makes me sad.  You don't want to feel responsible for making me sad, do you?

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Random Link

Ok. just another random link becuase I am bored. This is off the Author Shannon Hale's website. for those of you who don't know who she is she is like one of my favorite authors. she wrote The Goose Girl. Three things that are just wrong.

Also for Keilee and Shannah She has a new book out Called Repunzel revenge! I am excited, even though it is a graphic novel. It is about repunzel in the wild west. It seems weird, but the more I read about it the more I like it.

Monday, October 6, 2008


Ok, I know I've been posting too much, but Tyler has this on his desktop. Help me refute this logic!
Oh, and this is Tyler's political cartoon for U.S. Government. Hope you get it!

I'm too old

wow. as of today, I officially have a teenager for a nephew; the texting and all. it makes me feel really old. I'm not that old, am I? oh, and also this was my first day working at the Davis Hospital. the volunteers with me said that it was a record day for slowness. All I had to do was deliver a candy bouqet to someone with one of the volunteers and the rest of the time i did a word search (4 hours). yipee!?!? :D


For those of you non-titans who don't know, Amanda (Shafer) and I were having some fun at the football game Friday night. We were discussing that the mosquitoes were bothering us, and we came up with this idea. We have decided that the concept of vampires originated with mosquitoes. Amanda had fun calling after one, going "Edward! No! Come back!" It was rather entertaining and annoyed Aly to no end. So, that is my inside joke of joy for awhile.
P.S. I'm glad I can put this on the blog, because if not, I probably would have written it in my English journal, and I've already done a lot of Twilight bashing in there...though it hasn't been for awhile...maybe I'll bring it up again...

Saturday, October 4, 2008


Whaddaya guys think?

Go here to check it out.