Monday, October 20, 2008

SEATTLE (cont.)

Hey again! I'm home! I'm so excited, though I can't truthfully say that I really, truly missed Chloe. She's so . . . hyper! Anyway, here's some stuff that happened today and some stuff I forgot.

First, sorry two reasons why I can't post pictures. First, our computer is way to slow! I could never get it to download on my old computer. Second, my mom's camers ran out of battery's at the Boise, Idaho temple today. So she used mine. Later, while she was in the car, she tried to put the date on my camera. She accidentally deleted all of my pictures. I balled for a long time. Then I thought "my mom has pics" so I forgave her. So you'll have to check my moms blog if you want pics, when she puts them on.

Next, my other favorite part was Deception Pass. (Maddie check the comments, I answered all of your guys questions.) Let me explain to you my fear. We were about 30 stories up above the ocean. There were two lanes in the road, then on each side of the road there is a pass about 2 and a half feet wide. This is what you walk on while cars are zooming pass you just a couple feet away. Then on the other side is a huge drop. Kinda scary. When we got to the middle I looked down and guess what I saw! I saw a wild seal. It was belly up just looking up at me. It was so cute. I don't know how it could have eaten the penguin on Happy Heet. It was awesome.

Next, when we were trying to come home today, we were delayed about three hours. Our car broke down right across from a friendly mechanics. He helped us get the part. Then three hours later (and 700 dollars) we were off again. It was very conveniant . . . (P.S. My mom figured that the whole trip, gas and everything, cost about 700 dollars, so the car doubled it.)

Finally, we were on the island and guess what we saw. One gas station had gas for $2.97 a gallon! I know amazing. My mom took a picture of it.

So that's all, for now. See ya'!


Amanda said...

Utah has one of the higher gas prices because we have a tax on gas. Still, we aren't that high above that...

It's sad...that's a GOOD gas price...sigh...

Aly said...


How come you stayed in a million dollar home? Were it's millionaire occupants letting you babysit it or what?

And when exactly is el Halloween Partay?

And why would anyone but doughnuts from a place were they chuck dead fish around all the time?

Oh man, I would be so mad if the deleting-pix thing happened to me!

I'm glad you had fun, Shannah!