Monday, October 6, 2008

I'm too old

wow. as of today, I officially have a teenager for a nephew; the texting and all. it makes me feel really old. I'm not that old, am I? oh, and also this was my first day working at the Davis Hospital. the volunteers with me said that it was a record day for slowness. All I had to do was deliver a candy bouqet to someone with one of the volunteers and the rest of the time i did a word search (4 hours). yipee!?!? :D

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Baylee said...

HEy Hillari!! You got to volunteer at the hospital? I HAVE ALWAYS WANTED TO DO THAT!! I want to be an R.N. nurse really bad, or a personal trainer, I can't decide which. But anyways, THAT IS FREAKING COOL!! I would love to do that!
How did it go anyways? Was it fun?