Thursday, July 22, 2010

Retry on the Party!

Okay, does Tuesday, August 3rd at 12 pm at the park by the theater work for most people?

Remember to bring food to share!

So far, it seems like the people that can make it are:

Yen, Maddie, Keilee, Delaney, Aly, and most likely Amanda.

That leaves Shannah, Misty, Hillary, Madeline, and Erika. I'm not forgetting anyone, right?

Thursday, July 8, 2010


K, so I don't have a title for it yet. But here is a poem I wrote.

I feel all alone, I cannot see.
The darkness is deep as night.
It seems to flow on for eternity
With no easy end in sight.

I wander around, tears start to come.
The sadness finally flows out.
My heart starts to beat as loud as a drum.
My soul starts to fill with doubt.

Is there anyone out there?
Can someone send me a sign?
I'm sending this out, it's my last prayer.
Can you heal this heart of mine?

Slowly a light shines in the dark.
Am I ready to be freed from these chains?
Can I trust them to heal me, to heal this deep mark?
Or will they just give me more pain.

Is there anyone out there?
Can someone send me a sign?
I'm sending this out, it's my last prayer.
Can you heal this heart of mine?

As the person comes forward, I start to see.
But it's not who I would expect.
Slowly I fall down to my knees
As my savior comes, me to perfect.

I know that he'll always be out there.
I know that he'll send me a sign.
He'll always be there to answer my prayer.
He'll always heal this heart of mine.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Where in the,,,State is Amanda?

I was going to do where in the world, but in all honesty, I haven't yet left Utah. I haven't been home for like any of June, though! I went to Engineering State at Utah State the first week after school ended. It was AMAZING!!! I had a few days, and then I left for GHA (the Governor's Honors Academy) at SUU. It was awesome! Don't ask me to describe it to you...the closest I've gotten was in Jess's words: "Kind of a marathon leadership conference." We listened to speakers and did group stuff like transporting 13 people over a stomach-high rope in less than 3 minutes and saw the world premiere of Great Expectations (the musical) and hiked at Zion's and Bryce and said "Whatever" to Fred and/or Al (inside joke) get the point. All sorts of stuff...

And this week I go to Trek! After that I'll be home for almost all of July!!! What have you guys been up to?

Friday, July 2, 2010

Big News from the Life of Shannah

So, lets try this again. Computer obey my will!!! :-)
So three things.
First- I got an iTouch!!!! I feel so up-to-date and technological. It's awesome! I also have free text, so if you want to text me, e-mail me you're cell number and I will text you. Voila!
Second- Some of you may have heard, but I was in the Miss Syracuse Pageant. I actually won Heart of syracuse which is kinda like Miss Congeniality. I feel like Sandra Bullock! It makes me feel special.
Third- Me and Misty are planning a get together. It will be this Friday. We don't have a time planned so tell us what times work for you. It will be at the soccer field between Hillary's house and Syracuse 6. Everyone bring something to eat, like salad, lunch meat, drinks, bread, or chips. Just comment what you will bring so that we have a little of everything. Send out the word so everyone knows about it. Hope y'all can come!
Love you everyone!!!

Twilight Saga: Eclipse

So...Seeing that we need to do something to salvage this blog, I'm gonna start a post on Twilight.

Any feelings or reactions after the movie? (Mainly Keilee, Shannah, Amanda... Aly ;) )

And what are you guys all doing for 4th of July weekend?