Friday, July 2, 2010

Twilight Saga: Eclipse

So...Seeing that we need to do something to salvage this blog, I'm gonna start a post on Twilight.

Any feelings or reactions after the movie? (Mainly Keilee, Shannah, Amanda... Aly ;) )

And what are you guys all doing for 4th of July weekend?


Shannah said...

I loved the movie!!!! I thought it was done much better than the first two. I thought it wasn't as awkward. It held to the story line of eclipse pretty well so considering the horrible actors it was pretty good. :-)

Yen said...

Haha, it's the actors (mainly Kristen) that ruins it, right?

Keilee said...

Kristen and Rob, they're just TERRIBLE!!! He makes sick just looking at him :P

It was ok. I agree with Shannah that it was better than the first two, with better action scenes too. The acting in general was better, and Rob actually showed some real emotion! I think he genuinely smiled a couple times!! Whoa! I'm also starting to love Taylor Lautner a bit more now :) He was quite good lookin' in this one.

Misty said...

I did enjoy the eye contact that Kristen and Rob made this time... it was a serious improvement. But my favorite part without a doubt was when they covered Taylor with Crisco (or maybe baby oil, but I'm bettin on Crisco) to simulate a sheen of sweat after his bones had been busted up. It was a nice touch. One thing my brother and I did was add "I'm ATTRACTIVE!" to nearly anything taylor said. It made the movie about a thousand and five times more awesome :)