Friday, November 28, 2008


Amanda, you will want to read this one.

So I went to Twilight again on Wednesday morning. I was really annoyed with the meadow and the kissing in her bedroom scene. They took so stinkin' long!!! So the second time I counted.

The scene in the meadow they spend a full 50 seconds "looking into each other's eyes"
That's a full 50 seconds they could have used for some cool action or something.

In the kissing scene in her bedroom they took a full 25 seconds to actually kiss.
Hello! You are wasting tape here!

Also, I was reading some articles on Robert Pattinson and he's like a total drunk. He wanted to do an interview in a bar instead of at this snazy hotel, so they did.

One paparazi guy got a picture of him going into a bar every single night for a week.
Robert's words to this were, "I looked like I was an alcoholic."

Also in the article he swears about three times. Most of the time it's the f word.

So I decieded I like don't like the actor, I like the character he plays. I could even say that I like the person he is when he's taping, or on camera, not off.

I told my mom this and she just said, "Well, think of his culture. He's from England and he propaply doen't have a religion." I just said, "OK."
I guess he does have an excuse but please! He's the opposite of Edward in real life!

So for the moment I must agree with Keilee for Emmett . . . off film.
Edward on film.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

My Dad!

So, we were driving home from Bear Lake, and Bay was all, "So, say something and I will say it in Chinese." And then my dad looks back and is all, "The chicken is my friend."

Baylee didn't answer, cuz we were all laughing so hard.

He is SO crazy!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sluffers...*shifty eyes*

Keilee and Hillary! I saw you walking home during the pep rally! Were you sluffing?

Sunday, November 23, 2008


I've decided since everyone but Keilee (sorry Keilee) has high speed internet, I'm gonna put my playlist back on. My favorite song at the moment is "here I am" by Bryan Adams. It is off of Spirit: stallion of the Cimmaron movie. i love that movie!!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008


So, there's this lady, 'kay? And she's pregnant, and she's HILARIOUS, and she has a blog, and these are some shirts she made:

P.S. -Listen to Bella's Lullaby! It's on my playlist!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Problemo! Probleme!!! Problemo!! (whatever language you want:)

Okay, so you know my piano concert?

The library just called me, and they "accidentally" scheduled me on the same day as the annual puppet show, and I didn't take precedence. SO, they changed me to

Monday, Dec. 1st, at 7:30

It's still at the Clearfield Library
562 S 1000 E (a little north of CHS)

Anyways, I know this is problematic for you guys since it's family night. Hey, think of it this way, you could bring your whole family to listen to me! Yeah, if you can't make if and your parents have fits its okay. Let this be a lesson to you all that when you procrastinate, you won't get the date you want. If I had called a few days earlier, I wouldn't have this problem. Sorry to get this to you on short notice! Hope you all get it!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I know it is kind of short notice, but I think we should all get together either this Friday or next and see Twilight (Amanda, you don't have to come, but I think you should just to be with us. *batting eyelashes*)

So what do you think?? We all need to get together and talk, because it has been too long since I have seen anyone. (I can't believe you wouldn't let me come to the Halloween Party.)

We would each have to pay for our own tickets, but I wouldn't mind. :)
Lemme know!

Sunday, November 16, 2008


K guys, you're my friends, and I know you can help me w/ this problem. Some of you might already know it, but some of you don't. K, here's the story...

My sister, Tran (19 yrs old), is dating this guy, who lives in Oklahoma (yeah, I know, long distance), and she wants to quit her honors scholarship at the U and move to Oklahoma and go to college there. Mind you that she's already been engaged earlier this year and has known this guy for like 3-4 months. I don't know, I don't really talk to her anymore. Okay, my parents and I were like, let's let her make mistakes. Here's the creepy part...

He's 33 years old and has 5 kids!!!

She thinks that he's a worthy guy, and from the emails I've hacked into on her account, she's already started calling him fiance! I don't know what to do. She just came home tonight, and my parents and her got into a huge fight! She thinks he's a wonderful guy, but he's Mr. Carter's age! Help! I need some of you guys common sense. Oh, and I already tried calling Dr. Laura, but it's always busy. Help me!!!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008


We now have a mascot! Smarty the Penguin! If you click the "M" in the corner, it feeds him fish. And if you click on him, like, four times, it knocks him off balance into the water. He so cute!

Thursday, November 13, 2008


So, I decided to post on my oooooold blog again! I've made a few modifications (it is now vaguely Twilight themed!) Yay!

Random pictures!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Piano Concert!!!!

Hey Peoples!

Okay, so basically I'm gonna have this piano concert on Tuesday, December 2nd. It's gonna be just me playing like a bunch of classical pieces memorized for 20 minutes, and I've been working on it for like 3 years (okay, procrastinated again, I could have probably done it last year!). Anyways, it's gonna be at the Clearfield Library at 7:30, so if any of you can come, it'd be awesome! Just wanted to invite you guys, since it's over in clearfield. I would have had it at the Layton library, which has a nicer auditorium, but they were booked solid. Bring your families if you want to... wait a minute...... Do any of you guys have young women's that night? If you do, then crap.... oh well.. I know this is pretty early in advance, but just wanted to tell you guys about it. I know it might sound pretty boring!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008



Dang it!



Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Mitt Romney for President!

Hi, everybody! I really felt like posting, because pretty much everybody I talk to thinks I'm a creep for supporting Barack Obama! (I like spelling that!) I couldn't really decide, so I decided to support Obama like my parents did. Their arguments make sense. My mom has read his policy ideas and said that they're actually good. She also said that Obama would do more to support a larger group of Americans (like the working class instead of the rich). She even read this article about what other countries are saying about who should become president, and the US has a really bad image to the world right now and Obama would WAY improve that image. That bit is true. He's so calm and collected and rational. McCain has a bit of a temper. (Have you seen the presidential debates)
Oh, and for Aly's benefit, there was this girl in my class going: "I think McCain and Obama are both stupid! Edward Cullen for President!" and I was like *sigh*, but I have to admit, the mind-reading thing would be useful.
Anyway, like I said in the title, I'd rather have Mitt Romney than anyone. Can you imagine having the Priesthood in the White House? That would be so awesome! Our country would be like uber-America! (I've been saying that a lot lately...uber...)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

My most recent medical story...

I've been really fatigued for like 2 yrs and naseous for like a month. So we went to the doctor, hoping he could explain this mystery. He couldn't. I had 7 vials of blood drawn in one sitting, count them, SEVEN. The nurse that called us first told us that I had mono, but that test actually told us that I had mono sometime in the past 2 years or so, which is probably what triggered the fatigue, but not anymore. Out of seven vials of blood, that's all we got. So I've had many tests performed on my body in the past couple weeks, mostly under a different doctor than the one I had my blood drawn under. I have had 1) blood drawn, 2) a ct scan of the head, 3) an x-ray of the chest, 4) a stomach/abdominal ultrasound, and 5) an mri of the head with contrast (that's where they dye your blood through an iv. it felt so wierd and I still have a bruise).

All of these tests have come back either normal or negative of whatever they were looking for. So now I'm going back to school with no (still) no idea what I have. I'm still really tired, and I have headaches practically all the time, but there is nothing wrong with my brain, as determined by the ct scan and mri. I'm kinda frustrated with all this, but what can I do?