Sunday, November 23, 2008


I've decided since everyone but Keilee (sorry Keilee) has high speed internet, I'm gonna put my playlist back on. My favorite song at the moment is "here I am" by Bryan Adams. It is off of Spirit: stallion of the Cimmaron movie. i love that movie!!!


Misty said...

I have a playlist too, and was wondering if i could put it on here too or if that would be too much. and if i could, how would i go about doing it?

Hillari said...

umm... I don't know if it would be too much. you could try and I could ask keilee if it is impossible for her. here's how to do it:

on your my account screne you scroll down to the playlist you want. there it will be name of your playlist and a couple of examples of the songs in your playlist. under the name of the playlist there is three options; manage, post, email to a friend. click on the post one. there will be a list of places you want to put your playlist on, click on E. other. then click on the playlist you want to post. adjust your options (ex. autostart color of playlist) then press get code.

take all those numbers and letters and copy them. make sure you don't leave anything out. don't copy the space at the front or it won't work.

then go to our website. log in. at the top where it says new post, next to that is customize. click on that. there will be a layout of our blog in boxes. scroll down to an empty box (below friends (again!)) and click on it. then paste your code and give it a spiffy name. then click save. then move your playlist up next to aly's and mine and your set to go!!