Friday, November 28, 2008


Amanda, you will want to read this one.

So I went to Twilight again on Wednesday morning. I was really annoyed with the meadow and the kissing in her bedroom scene. They took so stinkin' long!!! So the second time I counted.

The scene in the meadow they spend a full 50 seconds "looking into each other's eyes"
That's a full 50 seconds they could have used for some cool action or something.

In the kissing scene in her bedroom they took a full 25 seconds to actually kiss.
Hello! You are wasting tape here!

Also, I was reading some articles on Robert Pattinson and he's like a total drunk. He wanted to do an interview in a bar instead of at this snazy hotel, so they did.

One paparazi guy got a picture of him going into a bar every single night for a week.
Robert's words to this were, "I looked like I was an alcoholic."

Also in the article he swears about three times. Most of the time it's the f word.

So I decieded I like don't like the actor, I like the character he plays. I could even say that I like the person he is when he's taping, or on camera, not off.

I told my mom this and she just said, "Well, think of his culture. He's from England and he propaply doen't have a religion." I just said, "OK."
I guess he does have an excuse but please! He's the opposite of Edward in real life!

So for the moment I must agree with Keilee for Emmett . . . off film.
Edward on film.


Amanda said...

OK, #1: You watched it AGAIN?

#2: LOL, seriously? That long.

#3: Who is Robert? Is that Cedric/Undead Ed? (I heard that one somewhere it made me laugh)

Amanda said...

#4: Being from England is no excuse to be nonreligious.

Hillari said...

yeah, i saw it again for thanksgiving (either that or madagascar or james bond and i didn't feel like either of those.) I agree that it is a lot less good the second time. but basically throughout the whole movie all I did was stare at Jasper and Emmett every time they were on screen. even if they were in the background and there was a close up on Edward and Bella. The cheesy climbing up trees annoyed me ten times as much as well as the taking to long in the bedroom. also, she really didn't have much of a pant on. more like underwear.

yes, robert is that cedric/undead ed dude. and I read that article too, and I really don't like him either. He is a drunk. and he sings really awful. like an old tone deaf country singer from the

Jasper is my totally favorite, and when I looked for the second time, he didn't always have the deer in the headlights look, just when he had a headshot and was supposed to look like he wasn't in that much of control.

Hillari said...

also, I started to read Brisingr for the first time today. I had forgotten how much I loved these books!!! also I realized that I have forgotten 9/10ths of the other two books, so half the time i'm lost.

Amanda said...

Hillary? There's a summary before the book starts...

But I understand what you mean. There's a lot to remember.

Another thing...when you translate a book to live action, and it ends up this cheesy and lame, that is a hint that the book was also lame.

Yen said...

Hillary, why don't you just read the summaries on Wikipedia? I know teachers tell us not to use it, but it's a good resource for quick facts.

Amanda, so are you saying Harry Potter's lame because it was a book turned into live action?

Hillari said...

yeah, I read the summary, but i'm just having a hard time remembering who people are. Namely Jeod. also I can't remember half the references he uses briefly and then it really bugs me 'cause I think I should remember them.

Amanda said...

No way, Yen! I'm saying that when a book CANNOT be translated into live action and have it end up well, it's a hint. Like Eragon, they just went through it too fast. The parts they had were good. Everybody I've talked to said most of the romantic scenes in Twilight just seem cheesy in the movie.