Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I know it is kind of short notice, but I think we should all get together either this Friday or next and see Twilight (Amanda, you don't have to come, but I think you should just to be with us. *batting eyelashes*)

So what do you think?? We all need to get together and talk, because it has been too long since I have seen anyone. (I can't believe you wouldn't let me come to the Halloween Party.)

We would each have to pay for our own tickets, but I wouldn't mind. :)
Lemme know!


Aly said...

Aren't you, like, deathly ill and virulently contagious? OR something?

Yen said...

Yeah, I would like to go, but my mom's probably isn't going to let me. My dad's gonna be gone this next week in CA, so we're home alone. Not only that, but the last time I went to the movies, my mom got mad at me after because it "was a waste of money and I can just rent a dvd for $1 and watch it as many times as I want and have good snacks" (okay I might have been paraphrasing and added a few words, but still, I don't want to get in trouble)

I'm still gonna see you at my piano concert, right misty?

Oh, and Aly, are you and Amanda coming or not? I really need to know so I can tell my mom to either buy 2 dozen or 3 dozen cookies. She doesn't like to buy extra stuff... (gosh, moms these days!)

Keilee said...

Yeesh Yen, I'm sorry. Your mom would think "Twilight" was a waste too, because in my opinion it kinda is. We need to get together and just hang out since we can't really talk at a movie. I don't know when that could be though.

Amanda said...

I wouldn't mind doing a night at the movies. That was really fun when we saw Get Smart. However, a night at the Twilight movie is a little different story...and you realize forcing me to watch it would give me license to make fun of it. Just sos you know.

Sigh...I know three girls who are skipping school tomorrow for that!

Besides, you can't make a good movie out of a lame book.

Yen said...

So... how was Twilight? I hear from my friends that it was lame. Was it?

Misty said...

to Aly: you are entirely too dramatic and you are scaring everyone else. no, i am not virulently contagious... i just have chronic fatigue. i am going in for a sleep study sometime in the next week. but i am definitely NOT contagious.

to Yen: even though the date has been changed, i will still most likely be coming to your concert.

to Keilee: i agree. not much talking can be done at a movie, so we should have a thanksgiving party or something.

to Amanda: i will probably also be making fun of the movie after i have seen it. and i never said u had to like it or even go.