Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Mitt Romney for President!

Hi, everybody! I really felt like posting, because pretty much everybody I talk to thinks I'm a creep for supporting Barack Obama! (I like spelling that!) I couldn't really decide, so I decided to support Obama like my parents did. Their arguments make sense. My mom has read his policy ideas and said that they're actually good. She also said that Obama would do more to support a larger group of Americans (like the working class instead of the rich). She even read this article about what other countries are saying about who should become president, and the US has a really bad image to the world right now and Obama would WAY improve that image. That bit is true. He's so calm and collected and rational. McCain has a bit of a temper. (Have you seen the presidential debates)
Oh, and for Aly's benefit, there was this girl in my class going: "I think McCain and Obama are both stupid! Edward Cullen for President!" and I was like *sigh*, but I have to admit, the mind-reading thing would be useful.
Anyway, like I said in the title, I'd rather have Mitt Romney than anyone. Can you imagine having the Priesthood in the White House? That would be so awesome! Our country would be like uber-America! (I've been saying that a lot lately...uber...)


Yen said...

OMG!!! Can you believe that 200 hundred years ago, african-americans only had 3/5 of a vote, and now one is president? I kinda feel bad for McCain though, he had no hope going in because the math didn't work. Don't you think he's a bit too old for this drama?

Yeah, my AP Euro class spent like half the time discussing this. Mitt Romney would be an awesome president, not only because he's good at economics, but because it would create a different view about mormons. Seriously, why is the rest of America so ignorant? You guys are awesome and some of the nicest people around!

Edward Cullen? I still side w/ Mrs. Mills from 6th grade and Mickey Mouse being president. Don't you agree?

Hillari said...

My AP Euro class spent half of the time on the elections, the other on alternative fuel sources. So far, since i've transfered, we haven't been doing much. The time before today we just took the pre test again.(well for me it was the first time). I got a 22(out of 80)! that seems bad.

and everyone says that it is the end of the world and we're all gonna die, but really, it isn't gonna be that bad. I mean the us isn't so stupid as to elect a president who knows nothing about anything. i like his plan for the taxes. It make a lot of sense.

Yen said...

Hillary, all I wish you is good luck in AP Euro. If you need help w/ DBQs or essays, you can call me if you want. Hmmm.... I mentioned this to Amanda, if you survive Hillary, which I know you can if you don't procratinate like me, the four of us (you, 'manda, me, and madeline) can get together during the year and "study" for the test, if you know what I mean. Then our parents won't mind as much.

Yeah, I don't get why people are freaking out so much about Obama. He IS NOT socialist! Seriously, I've heard people compare him to Hitler because Hitler was charismatic, just like Obama. Either candidate, Obama or McCain, would have been a good choice, just as long as McCain didn't die. The U.S. is gonna die for awhile even if McCain was elected before it got better. If only people actually thought this through...

Aly said...

YEAH YEN! For caring about Mormons while being Catholic! *warm fuzzy*
And you know what, Edward Cullen would totally cream Mickey in the elections. In fact, he would EAT Mickey Mouse. For a SNACK.


Yen said...

Oh no you didn't Aly.

How dare you say that about Mickey Mouse! Mickey Mouse isn't a vampire that sucks peoples' blood. He happens to run a dozen theme parks that make children happy. And don't you twist my words, cause I know you will. Didn't you do an Images of Greatness on Walt Disney in 5th grade?

Keilee said...

That's awesome Aly, but I'm neutral. I love Mickey and Edward, even though Edward is better looking. Edward can read minds, while Mickey must have super sonic hearing, what else are those big ears for? So, I'm split equally.

Amanda said...

22 out of 80 is about average for your first time. There was this kid in our class who got 9! Don't feel bad!

Aly, if that were true, about the eating Mickey Mouse thing, Edward would have just moved into the #1 Most Evil Villain spot. How could you say such a thing? Mickey is an American hero!!! He's way cooler than a MOSQUITO!

Aly said...

Okay, people, I said Edward COULD eat Mickey Mouse. Not that WOULD. Cuz he WOULDN'T. Cuz he's EDWARD. So HA.

And Yen, Mickey could very well be a dictator of those theme parks. You never know.

And yes, I did do an Images of Greatness on Walter, thank you very much. My allegiances have changed.

JUST KIDDING! I love them both equally! I heart you, Mickey! (:

Baylee said...

Back to aly's first comment about the "warm & fuzziness", I agree! GO YEN!! CaN I gEt A wHoOp wHoOp? WhoOp WhOop!! sorry, i couldn't resist! Anyways, u all rock!!