Saturday, October 18, 2008


Omgsh! Guess where I am write now!?

A million dollar home. I've slept in it the past 2 nights!

Seattle is amazing. We went to the top of the space needle! It's amazing. Everything is so beatiful, except the smoke that is always in the air. For you LDS peoples I went to the Seattle temple yesterday.

Today we stayed on the island. Oh yea, I'm living on an island, off of the continental U.S. Cool huh?! We saw a lighthouse bunkers where they defended the island from pirates and blew up stuff! We also saw some old men dancing in traditional clothes (weird clothes) with a pipe blowing guy! We found huge amazing shells too!

Yesterday we went to the mainland. We went to the temple, then we went to the Pike Market Place. People through fish everywhere. It's awesome! You should look it up. I got a green apple that was bigger than my hand! No lie! Then we went to the Seattle Aquarium! No sharks. (Sorry Aly, no one got eaten) Britney and my mom did touch a sea anemone though! They say that is sucked onto their hand. I touched a starfish. Then we went up the Space Needle. It's 520 feet tall. (No Misty, it's not nearly as tall as the Eiffel Tower) We also went on the Monorel (spelling?) Amanda would probably know more about it then I do. I know that it went really fast. ;)

Then comes my favorite part of the whole trip.

We went on Ferry Rides yesterday and the day before! It's so fun. Yesterday we came back in the dark. I felt like I was on the Titanic. We were riding against the wind so I put my arms out and hummed the song! It was sooooooo much fun!

Also, I saw lots of Jelly fish, at the aquarium and then we found some that got beached when the tide went in. My mom saved two and when my dad tried to save one, he ripped it to shreds. It was kinda sad. I didn't dare touch one. But it was awesome. Do the made Jello from Jelly fish? :)

So that was pretty much my trip. If I think up more I'll tell you later. It's an hour later here so I'm like way tired. We are going to turn around and leave this beautiful island, maybe forever, tomorrow! :(

Good night everyone!


Hillari said...

Sorry shannah. I meant to post that like you asked me too, but I was way too busy working EVERYDAY.

I am still waaaaaaay jealous though. Jelly fish are so awesome. did you find anything else on the beach except sea shells and jellyfish? any crabs or anything?

Amanda said...

Why would I know more about a monorail than you??? And JELLO is actually made from cow feet. :P

Seriously! It's this chemical they extract...

Maddie said...

I love Seattle!! Pikes Place Market is the bomb. They have really good donut things kinda by where they throw the fish. Did you have some? I love the Space Needle too! It's kind of scary to look up to the top of it when you are standing at the bottom. Are you by chance staying at Woodby Island (don't know how to spell that). That is kind of by my grandma's house and we go there all the time. Ferry Rides are fun!! You should SO TOTALLY go to the Children's Science Museum thingie place... it's super fun! Ah man I'm so jealous of you right now. How long are you there??