Thursday, October 23, 2008

Look how cool this is!

Hey guys, (mainly Misty, Dalaney, and Erika)
You guys that are going to france. I talked to Audrey about meeting you guys in Paris and this is what she said. Hey Misty,
"No problem to your friend, I just had ask my parents to meet her, and they are very excited!"
She means (If you didn't get it) that she talked to her parents about meeting you and they were very excited to meet you.
So I just need a date and time. Wouldn't that be cool if you could meet her and, maybe her brother, in person!
Also, Misty can you e-mail me your e-mail because the one I have didn't work.


Amanda said...

Erika's going to France? Wha?

You know, her brother is not that cute. I saw the picture. You are so exaggerating. :)

Amanda said...

Audrey's brother.

Hillari said...

He is too! if you look past the braces. and some people are just not photogenic. that doesn't make them ugly.

Yen said...

Wait... What picture? I've so no picture!

Amanda said...

He had braces?