Monday, June 16, 2008

I Survived Trek!!!!!! (but I look like a burn victim)

Trek was interesting and something I won't likely forget. We went to a HUGE piece of land owned by the church up by Evenston, Wyoming that I forgot what it's called. Anyway, the first day (Thursday the 12th) we walked almost 14 miles and I was about to cry when we were done. The nights and mornings were FREEZING while the days were HOT but with wind (Shannah, Aly, and Erika can agree with me on this). We did a little less walking Friday and Saturday, but is was still too much for my taste. The leaders would tell us how many more miles, or how much more we had to go, but it would always be a lie, we'd go about twice as far as they had said.
On Saturday, Aly and I were one of the declared dead people, which was awesome because we got breakfast earlier and to ourselves. But after awhile, being dead wasn't so much fun when were had to sit on a hill in the burning sun doing nothing while waiting for our Trek families to rescue us.
Yesterday I didn't go to church (I know I'm a wimp) but I seriously look like a burn victim on my face, because that stick sunscreen doesn't work worth crap. Usually mothers are supposed to say, "No you don't look that bad," but this time my mother agrees with me that I look like a burn victim that only had my face in the fire. Basically my whole nose and left ear are blisters and it hurts as bad as you can imagine. I'd show you guys a picture, but I'm afraid I might scare you all with my hideous face.
So let me remind you all to not use the stick kind of sunscreen for your face, because it doesn't work so well.


Aly said...

Awwwwww, poor Keilee. I cannot empathize with you entirely, cuz I didn't get as burned as most because of my sunscreen mania.

But my legs hurt! SO BAD!

Hillari said...

You got to be one of the dead people? That is sooo cool. I wanted to be dead, but my mom made sure I got one of my ancestors who lived and she got one who died. It was almost perfect weather when I went, so I can't empathize with the whole heat thing.

Misty :) said...

you poor, poor children. (keilee and aly)
keilee has blisters though, that is worse. i feel so so so so so bad for u. OUCH! now u got me in pain just thinking abt it. OW!