Sunday, June 15, 2008


Well, I'm back from Cedar City, if you guys even knew I was gone. I went down to the Summer Games with my soccer team.

The Bad News: We only scored 1 goal in three games. So needless to say we lost all of our games. The first game we lost 12 to 0, the second 4 to 0, and the third 4 or 5 to 1. So yeah, we didn't win any medals.

The Good News: is my nephews also came down to Cedar City with us from Preston (home of Napoleon Dynamite) and my oldest nephew got the silver medal.

I also got sunburned in the face and all my leg muscles are screaming in pain with every step I take. I don't have any pictures because it is hard to take pictures while trying to play soccer and no one else in my family takes pictures. So yeah. : D


Yen said...

OUCH! Are you still in pain? I'm so sorry that your team didn't win, but hey, at least you still got a goal! Getting to the Summer games is still something, right? It's okay that you didn't take pictures. It would look kinda odd out on the field if you were running and trying to take a picture at the same time. Oh, and tell your nephew good job! How old is he anyways? You have so many nephews!

Aly said...

Oh man, Hillary, that sounds TOUGH! Soccer is a killer sport...I can see how it would be a little hard to take pictures while playing...Think on the bright side, though: if you get good enough, you might meet that hunky David Beckham dude!

P.S.- I was kidding. I don't actually think he's that hunky. Also, his last name ends in "ham".


Aly said...

Oh, and Hillary, in response to your query about me asking boys to dance at EFY:


I totally didn't, they all asked me. Gutsy little things, weren't they?

Actually, I tried to hide during the slow dances. I was the FLIPPIN' ENERGIZER BUNNY during the fast ones, but I mysteriously was dead tired during the slow ones (or so I told my leaders...hahaha!).

But I still danced with 8 boys during the first dance and and 10 during the next.

And yes, I counted. I also know that that was totally nerdy.

Man, I'm sad you missed it.


Hillari said...

My oldest nephew is 12 years old

Misty :) said...

go aly!!
you danced with a boy before i did. dang it. im probably gonna be the last one. dang it.

and to hillary:
you poor, poor, thing.
but you should have used sunscreen.
just fyi