Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Ow. Guys, remember to brush your teeth or else you will end up dribbling water all down your shirt because the whole right side of your face is numb and you crazily thought that you could take a drink of water.

Yeah, I had to get 4 cavities filled today. 2 and 1/2 hours later and I am still numb. And lucky me one of my teeth just so happened to be sensitive and I had to get shot with numbness stuff twice more and it still didn't take away all of the pain so it hurt while I got drilled into. Ugh. But I guess I do deserve it because I don't brush my teeth enough. I can't even smile straight, only one side of my face goes up; the other just stays right where it is. Above is a random picture of my new nephew Korver. I just had to put it on.


Baylee said...

Awwwwww...cute-imous! The boy, not the cavity pain.

I'm so sorry abot your needle experience! Anyone who wants to become a dentist in the first place is demented, I say, so I avoid them at all costs...

Yen said...

So sorry Hillary, I know the pain you went through, but my sister told be this story about the dental office she works at, and this little girl came in for 12+ fillings all at once in SLC. She had to get them all at the same time because her family's really poor and the dentist did it for her for free. So yeah, I guess you can't really complain as much as that little girl. Still sorry though.
I second Baylee's "AWWWWWWWWWWW". He's so cute!!!!! I wish I had a nephew (okay, maybe not, because sister's only 19, but still, it'd be so cool!), but if I did, I could spoil him.

Baylee, you know how you said anyone who wants to become a dentis is demented? Guess what my sister is in college for? She's gonna be a dentist, and to take it a step further, her ultimate goal's to be an endodentist (oral surgeon, i.e. cuts your mouth and takes out your wisdom teeth) Yeah, kinda hard to avoid her if you know what I mean.

Misty :) said...

to hillary:
he is really REALLY cute and adorably cute. in case you didnt know that already. AND i also wanted to say that you shouldnt have tried to take a drink of water.

to yen:
try to avoid her anyway.

Misty :) said...

Korver looks scared. what did u do to him?

Hillari said...

I didn't do anything! he always likes to crinkle his forehead up like that for no reason. We had to wrap him up in that blanket because he pooped all over his clothes (the diaper leaked) and his mom forgot to bring another set of clothes.

Hillari said...

Oh, and i had to take a drink! to get that awful numbing medecine stuff they stick on giant Q-tips and then on your gums that makes me salivate and then I have to swallow and then my throat goes numb. that stuff is probably my least favorite part (besides the drilling because there is always one oversensitive tooth). So there. :D