Sunday, June 29, 2008

I AM HOSTLESS!!!!! what will i ever do?

Keilee, this is your hint to jump in and say "You can borrow MY Host, and be Hostless no more!!"

If you did that, I would consider you a heroine and would tell everyone. Wouldn't that be completely AWESOME!!??!?!?!?!

P.S. if anyone else has a Host they would let me use temporarily, you would become my heroine instead of Keilee. now it is a race! READY SET GO!!!!!!


Keilee said...

I WILL SAVE YOU!!!! There is no need to feel Hostless anymore Misty. I don't know exactly when I can get it to you. Maybe I could drop it off at your house on the way to the airport on Friday at about 5:30 AM! JK, I don't know how or when I can get it to you just yet, so just sit tight I guess, unless you've got something better.

Misty hearts NYC said...

i wont be here on friday...

can i come get it from you tomorrow??
that is when we are heading out of town.

Misty hearts NYC said...