Monday, June 16, 2008


32 FLIPPING miles.

In 3 days.

While pushing a HANDCART.


We looked like FLDS escapees!

This is the madness that is Trek!

Ah, it was cool, though. Although I agree with Keilee about the whole burn victim thing...I may not be able to show my face in public for a few weeks...

32 MILES, though! Jeez!


Keilee said...

Wow Aly, I never realized how true it is that we looked like we escaped from the FLDS ranch. While we were there, someone brought that up, pointing out how we were having babies at 16, even though I think our baby died because we just chucked it into the cart. And I am so serious about not going anywhere for awhile, but I can't keep it up for too long because I have an ortho appt. tomorrow.

Hillari said...

It was totally scary! On my way down to Cedar City, I actually saw an FLDS girl with a guy twice her age. We stopped at a remote Taco Time in the middle of Nowhere and they were just leaving in their semi truck!! It was hard not to stare, even though she probably got a lot of stares. At first i thought she was with her dad, but then i realized she was probably with her husband!! She looked exactly like on the news with the braided hair and the long dress thing. She was wearing tennis shoes, which looked really out of place.

Hillari said...

Sorry, they weren't just leaving, they sat down to eat and left when we started to eat. :D

Baylee said...


You saw someone FLDS!

That is so cool!

Baylee said...

Sorry, this is Aly, not Baylee!

Misty :) said...

why doesnt baylee post nething? she has the power, so why not use it? just curious.

to hillary:
holy crap

to keilee:
you chucked a child into a handcart?
you horrible person!! how do you live with yourself?!?

you will obviously have to explain this to me because i have no idea what you mean.