Sunday, June 29, 2008

Taxi Story!

As you all know, I have recently visited New York City. Wow. That place is amazing.
I tried many things in this strange land. One of said experiences was 2 taxi rides.

We had to go to the Stomp theater and it was too far to walk (which is what most people do there, as only about 30% of the people who live there own a car). So we hailed a cab. A regular car pulls over, looking dubiously small. (There were 5 of us) The Indian taxi driver says, "How many you have? Oh yes I can take five people. No problems!''

So we get in, acting exactly as I believe tourists should. Four of us in the back, and my mother in the front passenger seat. My mother puts her seat belt on and I shut the rear passenger door. Then our Indian cabbie says (much to our surprise), "Duck. One must duck. "

We aren't sure if he is kidding or not, so we take no action. After we sit there staring at him for a little while (and I mean little, these people have no patience) he repeats, "Duck! Duck down! Hurry!"

Do we get out and say 'nevermind, we will find a bigger taxi'? (because there are van taxis too, you know). No, of course not. Cassie ducks! What else would we do?

So we go to Stomp(totally awesome stuff. their stuff is at btw) and the cabbie does NOT turn on the meter. (because what he is doing is illegal, but he seems to have no problem with it.) $30 car trip.

After Stomp, we have to get back to the hotel, so we hail another cab. This one is slightly bigger and has a mini tv in the back seat!! This cabbie (also Indian) does not tell us to duck, but does drive SUPER SUPER fast. Way scary. I am pretty sure his driving rule of thumb follows these basic lines: Car in the way? Just go around it! People in the road? Go around them! Speed limit 30? Push 50! Line of cars in the way? Simply honk until there is an opening. Then go around them!

I usually don't get car sick too easily, but I was about ready to by the end of the ride. This guy also kept his meter on. That was an $11 car ride. (same distance) ( really annoying). Cabbie number 2 also had Indian music playing in his car. It sounded kind of cool, but he kept turning it up every time we tried to say something to anyone else in the car. But he did turn it back down to collect his 11 dollars.

During both taxi rides, I was so dang tense and nervous that my entire body hurt at the end. (like how ur body hurts if you tense all your muscles at once and hold it for about 10 to 15 minutes.)

The end.
P.S. I may remember more details and add them in.... just fyi


Misty hearts NYC said...

Please give me another subject to tell a story abt. or else you just get random stories. you want your requests to mean something, dont you?

and why does it seem to me that i am on here the most? practically every time i come on, it looks exactly the same. why?

come on people!!

Aly said...

YAY! You didn't get murdered in the taxi cab!


Tell about the ship, and stuff, pretty please! (Wait- you did go on a boat, right? I think you did...)

Hillari said...

Tell random stuff! I love random stuff! :D

Misty hearts NYC said...

yes aly i went on a boat. a very big boat. you guys should have come... there was plenty of room....