Sunday, June 29, 2008

Ian O'Shea Step Over

I read the host in 14 hours. 12 hours straight on Sunday and 2 hours on Monday. I beg to differ with you Aly. Ian O'Shea is not the new Edward, Jamie Stryder is.
Think of it Logically. (Even though I know that half of you out there are not logical in an sense of the word. Anyway)
I have three major reasons for my choice of the new Edward.
First, Ian O'Shea is around 20 years old. Jamie is 16, way closer to our age.
Second, Jamie is the only character in the book who never once looks down upon or doubts Wanda. He is the only character who is constantly nice, the only character who is always looking out for the "Alien".
Third, Jamie is so much hotter than Ian. Who wants fat buffness, when you can get the cute curly hair and someone who is not like, 5 freakin' years older than us!
Anyway, you can argue all you want, but I dare you to come up with three outstanding reasons like moi's!


Aly said...

Oh no you DI-IN'T! Shannah! *gasp*

No! Jamie is not COOL! Sure, he's cute 'n all, and yes, he's fine for the teen set, I suppose, but Ian has SMOLDERING BLUE EYES!

I need no other reason.

(Plus, they're midnight blue.

Beat that.)

Hillari said...

5 years isn't that much older. My parents are 5 years apart from each other. When we get older it doesn't seem that far apart.

Misty hearts NYC said...

so there.

Hillari said...

ooh, and Melanie is a lot younger than Jared too.

viet_azn21 said...

how can you be sure??
I've read it so many times and I can't find it anywhere!!
can you tell me that page that you've found it on??
thanksss =)

Wendy said...

jamie is 14 years old.
i think that is a little bit young.

nmjohnson57 said...

Ian rocks!!! blue eyes!!!!

feeding clouds said...

I'm pretty sure Jamie is 12. Before the timeskip, Melanie was 17 and she told Jared that Jamie was 9. Then after the timeskip, when Wanda's in Melanie's body, Wanda says "This body has seen 20 years." So it's a three year timeskip, and 9 plus 3 is 12.