Thursday, August 21, 2008

My Schedule...ugh. Yucky.

1- Fit for Life - Brown
2- Health Education 2 - Nelson
3- Band (ugh) - Wayman (ugh)
4- World Civ Cel - Roberts
5- Seminary - Sayler
6- English 10 Honors - Baker (sorry, Hillary...)
7- Biology Cel - Thompson
8- Pre-Calculus - Canales (YES!!! HAHAHA IN YOUR FACES!!!!)
Where is nine? What happened to nine, people?
10- Advisory 10-12 Slc 2011 (what the heck are all the numbers and 'Slc' stuf?)

My locker is 2362! Not sure if that's good or not! Aw, wait- is that on the bottom? Amanda, did you say evens are bottom or top? Awww, dang, I think you said bottom...dang!

See? ZIP!

Hey, we need to have, like, a meeting place for lunch so we can find each other. Amanda, you got any ideas?


Yen said...

Why are you taking band if you don't like it? And dang you for getting Canales! I love her! Well, not actually love, but she knows how to explain math concepts. And all the numbers in "advisory 10-12 slc 2011" is grades 10-12, Small Learning Communities, and "2011" just happens to be the year we graduate.

Amanda said...

They offered to give me Canales when I had a hole in my schedule, but it would have screwed my whole schedule up, and she said that Holt is good, so I just left it.

Aly-Advisory is not a period. It's just there. That's why there is no ninth. I don't know how advisory works yet, but Tyler said in Science and Technology once, they blew up a pumpkin. He also mentioned that it was just supposed to smoke and stuff, but the chemistry teacher was heard to say that it would be more exciting if it exploded...and then it did...hmmm...

Misty hearts NYC said...

Aly, I pity you. Canales did NOT help me at all. I really do not like her. She didn't explain anything to me. So frustrating!

I have Engineering 1st period! ick!! But I have Psychology second semester, so I'm happy about that. yay.

idk what order my classes first semester go, but I have Engineering, Driver's Ed, Pre-Calc, Biology, Honors English, Spanish 3, Fit for life, and something else(I can't think of it).

My brother got Mrs. Baker for U.S. History!!!! I weaseled him into it. :D (She's teaching debate this year! How lame is that?? WE didn't get debate...)

Aly said...

Misty- Nuh-uh! Mrs. Baker is BACK? At Syracuse? What happened there?! And...I WANTED PSYCHOLOGY! I DIDN'T GET PSYCHOLOGY! DANG IT!

Amanda- Man, you shoulda done it. Love Canales. I hope my advisory person blows up a pumpkin!

Yen- Cuz we bought the clarinet. I know, isn't she cool?! Awwwwwww, I understand now...