Monday, August 25, 2008

Sooooo, How Was It?

You all know what I mean right? How was your guy's first day in high school?

I thought it was okay. I love the French teacher, Mlle Henson! She's funny, energetic, and speaks French perfectly. I also like the Health teacher Mr. Martin. He's pretty funny too.

I don't think B day is going to be as good though. I only have one class with someone I know, and it's Pre-Calc with Shannah.

I'm mostly glad that the first day jitters are gone. Well, we do have a new and different day tomorrow, but at least we know our way around a little bit more.


Yen said...

My day was okay. It's kinda awkward though when you don't have someone to sit with at lunch for 45 minutes. Same here about the first day jitters. I sure can't wait for tomorrow!! j/k Only 539 more days of school until we graduate! Wow, when I put it into those terms, I can't believe how close to going to college we are.

Amanda said...

Who do you have for Pre-Calc? I saw Mrs. Canales today! She was talking to my teacher, Mrs. Holt. She recognized me and she said hi! It made me feel good.

My seminary teacher is the coolest ever! His name is Brother Crimin, and he has this awesome lazy eye that occasionally just looks to the left! And I'm on the left, so it looks like he's going over my head!

Band is going to be hard, but awesome. Wayman is awesome.

Tyler had my AP Euro teacher (Berrong) today for AP US Government and Citizenship. His class-opening words were: "You don't want to be here and I don't want to be here, so let's just work together and try to make it a positive experience." Tyler already likes him. :)

Amanda said...

Whoa! We like submitted that together! Weird!