Thursday, August 14, 2008

My Schedule!!

  1. Drivers ed/ D & AI (1st term) Titan Pride (2nd term) Anderson, K and Wilcox, M
  2. French 3 Henson, K
  3. World Civ Roberts, J
  4. Health ed 2 Martin, J
  5. Pre-Calculus Bateman, J
  6. Biology Wright, N
  7. Seminary Sayler, C
  8. English 10 Honors Wojciechowski, Mike :D (mike wisowski!)
  9. Advisory Tucker, P

and my second semester is totally messed up so I won't bother to even put it up. Does anyone else have Wojcie.... (you know) for english? my locker number is # 2425 :D


Yen said...

What do you learn in Titan Pride? Also, that's a cool name for an english teacher! So the spelling's just hard and the pronunciation is easy then?

Amanda said...

Sweet! You have Woj? There are the two teacher brothers, and the third brother is in our ward. Tyler has one of them for advisory.

Having asked Tyler what we learn in Titan Pride, and his reply being "stuff," I'm not totally sure but he says it's fun.

Yen said...

Wow, "stuff". That's SO descriptive! Great job Tyler!

Hillari said...

I just found out from my sister that her boyfriend's cousin married Wojie...'s sister! and that his brother who also works @ the school is a total hottie!

Hillari said...

oh, it might have been a brother to the two bro's that got married, i'm not so sure anymore.