Thursday, August 7, 2008

Random Humor

Sorry, so I got most of this from WoW, but it should be funny anyway.

Person 1: Why did that guy die?
Person 2: His health points reached zero...

Person 1: Odd groups to the left, even to the right.
Person 2: Which ones are odd?
Person 3: 1 2 3 5 7
Person 1: That's not odd, those are prime numbers.
Person 3: Prime groups to the left : P

While farming black dragonscales...
Person 1: How many blacks do you have now?
Person 2: 6
Person 1: Lol I just thought of us as plantation owners...that's bad.
Person 2: Lol

Person 1: What lvl do rogues get Blind?
Person 2: Around 80, 85, unless they have an accident of some sort.

Person 1: Hey, kids. Isn't it a school night?
Person 2: Isn't it a work night?
Person 3: PWNED!!! (Which means, you just got trumped)

Person 1: cud u plz give me 5g
Person 2: I'm sorry, I'm so used to speaking English that I'm a tad rusty on my Stupid.
Person 1: ???
Person 2: Ah, we have come to an understanding! Delightful! Do carry on! Now that that's out of your system, you will understand me when I say to farm the money yourself. Ta-ta!

Person 1: Looking for someone to take lots of damage and probably get killed to help us kill Stalvan. If you die, we will lament about you in song!

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