Thursday, August 14, 2008

My Schedule <3

Hey Guys,

I'm totally psyched for school. I'm counting down the days. But . . . I'm running a half marathon two days before and my schedule includes running up and down stairs!! :'( I'm not going to be able to walk!!!

Anyway, here's me schedule.

  1. English 10 Honors Baker, K
  2. Fit for Life Faerber, D
  3. Seminary Sayler, C
  4. World Civ Cel Roberts, J
  5. Dr Ed/D & Al -and- Study Skills Titan Pride Anderson, K -and- Wilcox, M
  6. Biology Cel Wright, N
  7. Pre-Calculus Bateman, J
  8. Health Education 2 Knight, M
  9. Advisory 10-12 Slc 2011 Noyce, M

I (like Hillary) am not going to tell you second semester because it is totally wacked. Also, my locker number is 2403. (Yes, it's in the thousands)

I'm excited for SCHOOL!!!!!!!!


Yen said...

Oooo... my locker number totally beats your's.... #4557. HA! And unlike you, I AM NOT excited for school. High school is scary!!

Amanda said...

Oooo, Shannah! We have English together!

My locker number is 2408! Are you CEL?

Shannah said...

Yes, Amanda! Hillary has #2425! Yea!

Keilee said...

Dang it, it seems I'm alone. I'm on the 1st floor, while you guys are on the second. But at least we're all in the same small community.