Thursday, August 14, 2008


I don't know about y'all who are going to Syracuse, but I now officially feel overwhelmed. The school is way too big. Anyway, here's my schedule:

First Semester
1. English 10 Honors Baker, K
2. French 3 Henson, K
3. Seminary Saylor, C
4. Health 2 Martin, J
5. Fit For Life Brown, T
6. World Civ Cel Roberts, J
7. Pre-Calculus Bateman, J
8. Biology Cel Thompson, A
10. Advisory Tucker, P

Second Semester
1. Dr Ed/D & AI Anderson, K
Titan Pride Wilcox, M
2. French 3 Henson, K
3. Seminary Saylor, C
4. World Civ Cel Roberts, J
5. Food Nutrition 2 Veigel, V
6. English 10 Honors Baker, K
7. Pre-Calculus Bateman, J
8. Biology Cel Thompson, A

Locker #400
Communications Education and Law

I want to see your schedules too! So post them soon!


Yen said...

You should go into French 4. If your french teacher is like mine, he said that Unit 3 is the perfect spot for French 4 and that I'll be fine. Oh, and he also said that he does TPRS. Yay... Yeah, Davis is huge school, and no one had the decency to provide a map, so I got to wander.

Keilee, aren't you supposed to have Pre-Calculus honors? Anyways, how come your schedule for 1st semester went from 8 to 10th period? Oh, and here's my locker number: 4557, but it's half lockers. I am so not ready for high school, are you?

Keilee said...

If I change to French 4, I have to pay $10. Hillary and Shannah saw who our teacher is, and said she seems nice.

Don't worry too much about not having a map, I don't think my map is going to help me too much.

I don't think there was an option for Pre-Calculus honors, but it doesn't matter too much to me. It's all the same math.

10th period is advisory, and I'm just guessing, but I think that's where I go to read or something. Like how we had advisory in Algebra and Physics, but I have to go to a different classroom for it.

We have half lockers too, I have a bottom one, dang it. It's near the end of the hall right next to an exit and vending machine.

I am SO not ready for high school. I get depressed thinking about it. No more free time, no more reading for pleasure, no more sleeping in, it's the end of my freedom for awhile. Shannah seemed pretty excited when we were going through the school. I can't make myself see her perspective.

Yen said...

Good point about the $10. If you're way ahead, I think your french teacher might tell you to go to french 4. Or, you could always go to the counselors and say I signed up for french 4 and they probably would believe you. I don't think you would do that though. I might, but that's me :)

I was so happy when I saw that my locker # was odd. I'm sorry you have a bottom locker. My lockers are teeny. They aren't as deep as ours were last year.

I can't believe we're going to college in three years. That means we're sending applications in two years! I feel old, do you?

Amanda said...

Keilee, you have English with me and Shannah! Whoot! I have a bottom locker, too.

Advisory is 10th period. Don't ask. No clue.

Yen said...

What I'm trying to figure out is why they skipped 9th period. Any answers?

Hillari said...

I was totally confused too, so I went and asked the counsilor, but she just looked annoyed @ me and said my schedule was fine.

Keilee said...

Yen, I do feel old. Well, as old as you can feel at 15 years old. It is crazy about applying for college. This is all happening too fast.

Yen said...

Is anyone else scared about going to college for an additional 4-8 years after high school?

Hillari, or however you want to spell it, that's pretty funny how they just looked at you. But it was a valid question, right?

Hillari said...

It was a very valid question! she probably had just answered it about a thousand times before and was annoyed at having to answer it again.

I am not actually scared about more school. because I will be more used to that than just having to work all day and pay rent and all that grown up jazz.
wait, do you have to pay rent for a dorm room in college?

Hillari said...

oh, and our school doesn't even offer French 4. How lame is that?

Cheese Club said...

Syracuse, huh?? My cousins live there. Know the Fishers? Haha u probly don't