Thursday, August 14, 2008

My Schedule

My schedule is so different than all of yours! Except for English!

1-English 10 Honors w/ Baker (who Tyler says is strict but you will learn a lot)
3-Concert Band w/ Mr. Wayman the AWESOME
4-Pre-Calc w/ Holt

5-Jazz Band
6-Driver's Ed/Titan Pride w/ Anderson/Wilcox
7-Biology-Ag Science w/ Stokes
8-AP Euro history w/ Berrong

Advisory is with Voorhees.

The hall system isn't SO confusing. Tyler explained it. 1 0r 2 is first or second floor (obviously), then (from the cafeteria to the seminary), it goes 300s, 200s, 100s, on the left and...something else on the right. I was going to ask him, but he fell asleep. Ah, well. It won't take too long to figure out. Just be glad that you don't have to run from seminary to band. BE GLAD. That is BAD for me. I found my English and Driver's Ed classrooms just looking for my locker. Tyler said he didn't even use his locker for most of the year last year, because we can bring backpacks to class, so he just brought everything to every class, and it worked really well. Especially for CEL or PVA, our lockers are clear out in the outskirts.


Yen said...

I feel so alone right now. I have no one to share my schedule with and see if I have classes with them. And no, Mitch does not count.

You're taking AP Euro too? Great, so now when I have a question I can bug you? I'm guessing you didn't get a summer project, right?

Oh, and did you guys watch the Women's gymnastics individual finals? They were awesome!

Hillari said...

I'm watching them right now. I fell asleep last night watching them, but I recorded them so I could watch them this morning. Go Shawn Johnson!!!

I kinda feel alone too, 'cause I don't have anybody else to go to english w/me!! I know that dosen't compare, but still.

Amanda said...

THEY WERE SO COOL! Did you see the men's all around? Other than Yang Wei and Kohei Uchimura, it was kinda pathetic.

Hillari said...

I agree. I was getting so mad that no one could stick their landings. I felt really bad for that guy who fell of the still rings. it looked like it hurt.

Amanda said...

That was Kohei Uchimura. THAT was the cool (and yet sad) thing. He fell and he still got a medal cuz he did so great at the isn't saying much...he just had to beat the other guys...