Monday, August 11, 2008


Wow, I don't know if you all care about the Olympics, or saw the opening ceremony, but it was AWESOME!! The drums, the costumes, the guys in the boxes, everything was amazing! The Chinese did spend tons of money on it, but it seems that it all went to good use. I can't decide which was my favorite part.

Then, on Saturday, when the incredible Michael Phelps, broke his own world record, that was pretty cool.

This is probably the first Olympics I've actually watched and been interested in, partly because the Chinese are pretty smart.

Anyway, I just had time, and nobody has posted in awhile, so I took the opportunity to.


Yen said...

I know! I've been watching the Olympics nonstop! Michael Phelps is AWESOME!! I should be studying, but oh well. Gotta go watch gymnastics!! Go USA!

Keilee said...

Same here. My family does all of our work in between the broadcasts. I like Michael Phelps because he reminds me so much of my uncle, they even look alike. USA all the way!

Amanda said...

Why are you studying, Yen?

And I've been watching it, too. Did you see the men's gymnastics Monday? Wow. And Michael Phelps now is tied for the most gold medals ever, and he still has a bunch of races...and the Thorpedo watched him get the ninth, when he told the press he doubted his ability to get 7! Ha!

Yen said...

"Thorpedo"? Do you mean Ian Thorpe? Oh, I'm studying because my lovely AP euro class has a summer project and test the first week. Yeah, I can't believe Michael Phelps has 13 olympic medals, 11 of which are gold. Not only that, but they were world records!

It's pretty funny to watch the other countries when they're racing against Phelps, don't you think? Who can "smash" the Americans?

The only thing that kinda bugs me about the Olympics (CNN pointed this out), with all the celebration over Michael, no one is even caring about the war in Iraq and how many people are dying over there anymore. Another thing that bugs me is that people are saying China is so great and that China is trying to erase its past history with these games when they're executing hundreds of people every year, have humans rights problems, have a communist government, and worst of all, not even trying anything to fix their problems. I don't know, these are just my opinions. What are your views?

Amanda said...

Yes, I mean Ian Thorpe. I like his nickname.

Isn't that kind of the point of the Olympics, though? To set aside our differences and enjoy the best of the best of the sports?

I see what you mean, though...I feel bad for the soldiers who are out there...they don't even get to like see the Olympics or anything...for them, it's like the whole "worldwide truce" thing in Beijing isn't happening. It's been like that in Georgia (the country), too, have you seen that?

Amanda said...

About China: they are trying to fix some of their problems. Executions and human rights I don't really know much about, but they have been trying to prove to the world that they are getting better, and I think they are.

Communists aren't all bad. It's a different style of government, which CAN WORK. The trouble is, most countries try to force it upon their unwilling people...remember how Erika and I decided all the people who want to be Communist should go and create the Communist Republic of the Congo?

Keilee said...

What both of you have said is true. But I'm more with Amanda, this is a time to put aside the countries differences and see them as human beings just like us.

I like how they have been showing the different sites of China-the good side of them. Especially the panda bears! I didn't know they were doing that to help the panda population.

Go Michael Phelps! He now officially has more Olympic medals than any Olympian before! And he's still going for more!

Did you see the women's gymnastics? I swear some of Chinese girls were 11 years old, not 16. They were so tiny, but I guess it's part of their genetics. It was depressing though to see those mistakes made by the USA. I felt bad for the girl (I can't remember her name) who kept messing up after she didn't stick her mount on the balance beam. She looked absolutely devastated.

Yen said...

You're talking about Alicia Sacramone. I felt so bad for her. Could you imagine how bad she must feel because she thinks she messed it up for her team?

Yeah, yeah, I know the unity thing. But what happens to all the unity AFTER the games?

I'm WAY excited for Michael Phelps. Can you believe that we get to watch history happen and see "the greatest Olympian ever"? The last time this happened was in the 70s or something, right? I have to say this Olympics is the most exciting. I don't know how London and Toronto are gonna beat this.

Oh, and Keilee, I met my french teacher today from schedule pickup. He actually has a french accent. I asked him about us only getting to unit 3, and he said that it's fine. He asked me what my french teacher's name was and I totally blanked! Oh, and did you guys know that Mr. Hadfield left Syracuse Jr. and went to teach at Weber State? Weird, right?

Amanda said...

Toronto? Next Olympics are in Van Couver, Yen.

Yen said...

Vancouver, Toronto, same country. At least I got the country right. Leave me and my confused self alone!