Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I found a genius!

Okay, this girl I met today in french is CRAZY! You guys think I'm smart, but I'm not. This girl, her name's Emma. She's in our grade and is even younger than me, like 4-5 months younger. This year, she's taking AP Euro, AP chemistry, AP calculus, and Honors english. Not only that, but she does Youth court, sophomore committee, and volunteer work at retirement homes. Who agrees that that's crazy!

Oh, and guess who else I saw? Coach P from gym apparently works at DHS. At least that's what I think. He was heading into a hall with a stack of papers.

Finally, this might not seem unusual to you guys, but today, my mom made fresh, homemade hamburgers today for the first time in her life! My mom's going crazy with american foods now and I don't know why. She wants to make tacos sometime this week too. OMG!


Hillari said...

ok, that is a little over the top. Where in the world does she find time to work @ a retirement home? I'd probably commit suicide if I had to take all those classes (just kidding!).

So.... how was your first homemade hamburger? was it good? I bet it was. Maybe I should convince my mom to make Vietnamese food. that sounds kinda good right now. I really miss u right now. and everybody else. I hate that I'm such a social leper that I just hunch in my chair and talk to no one. (at least in the classes I don't have w/ keilee or shannah) you guys should all transfer!!! ;D

Aly said...

Yen, you walk up to that girl and you give her a good smack upside the head. Tell her it's from me.

Nah, just kidding (seriously, don't do it...)!

Mmmm, American food...not! Dude, I sorry about the lunch thing. That sounds totally suckish. But wait- isn't Maddie in your school? Maybe not...I don't know! Ugh!

Yen said...

Ugh... no. Like Hillary, I'm a social leper. Nope, no one I know is at my school. It's Davis, remember? I miss all you guys too. It's so awkward to have no one to sit with at lunch!

Keilee said...

Shannah and I saw Coach P. on the school bus coming to our school today when we were walking home. So, apparently the bus was from your school.

I'm part of that social leper group. It's amazing that we became friends in the first if we're such hermits.

I can't wait to see everyone on Monday! I miss you!

Yen said...

Wait... see everyone on Monday? Clue me in here! I don't want to miss anything!

Amanda said...

Yeah, Coach P said he was going to Davis. He left after first semester last year.

That's going to be hard, 3 AP classes. If you can take 1 AP class, you can take 3, though. You just have to spend the extra time to do the work. In AP Euro today, we took a pre-test of the multiple-choice part of the test, and I got 25 out of 80. I did above average, but one kid got 38! Mr. Berrong said there's also a DBQ section and essay section of the test. The class is gonna be OK, but the test sounds HARD

Amanda said...

Yen, you sound depressed. Make friends at lunch! Either that or bring a book! Seriously!

Oh, man...I forgot. I have to practice my sax...and my clarinet...I forgot to bring it home yesterday... Gotta go! DON'T BE DEPRESSED!

Yen said...

Yeah, my teacher said it was 80 questions, thena free respsonse section where you get to choose 2 of like 6 or something topics to write the essay on. Luckily, he said that all the essays that we write this year are previous essay questions. Do you know what my teacher said? Last year, 1/3 of his students got 5s on the test! Isn't that crazy?

Yen said...

Amanda, it's not like I don't try to make friends. Most of the sophomores at my school just talk about boys. Funny thing is, I have made friends with this girl, Jenny. I have a lot in common with her. Problem is, she's a senior. It's just hard to find someone in 3+ classes with me. I mean, if we only have 2 classes together, and it's all on an A day, it's kinda hard to become friends and hang out. Not only that, but I'm trying to find someone that's opinionated, will debate with me when they don't agree, you know, and talk about meaningful stuff that actually pertains to reality and not "oh, my lover's over there; that guy is hot!; I hate that guy, I just want to slap him; Did you guys hear about so and so? They just broke up;. You know, stuff like that that wastes my time. Do you now see how complicated this is? Not only that, but my schedule messes things up since most people don't take french, chemistry, pre-calc, band, and AP Euro. Combine all that together, and that is a social leper. Got any ideas?

Hillari said...

I don't really know how to help you, but I do know that sometimes you have to make the first step. like when I started hanging out with you guys, first I had to stop hanging out with my old "friends" and just sit myself down where you guys were sitting. gradually I eased myself in. It kinda helped that we had classes together, but the classes weren't everything. Usually the shy people are the ones who can actually talk smart, so if you can talk to them, they may like you. You can just start out by helping them with a problem or asking them about one yourself. It will be awkward at first, but it will get better. maybe ask that girl who is really smart about what a word is in french? something like that.

whooooaaah. I totally don't know where all that came from. but yeah, there is my input. :D

Keilee said...

I totally agree with Hillary. I might have to do that with a quiet girl like me in my Fit for Life class. She's in my English class, so she's basically the only person I know in Fit for Life.

That was pretty cool Hillary, but it's so true.