Monday, July 21, 2008

My homecoming surpirse

When I got home from Girls Camp on Saturday, I got some surprising news like Amanda did, but it wasn't a cellphone. Instead I found out my dad had a minor heart attack on Thursday and was currently in the hospital.

Ya, I was floored. I couldn't believe it. As far as I've noticed, my dad's pretty healthy, I mean he exercises every week day, and is the kind of person who still has Halloween candy on Valentine's.

My mom told me he was fine, which he still is, and hopefully will remain. He came home yesterday (Sunday) afternoon. It's just weird having your dad's life suddenly change that way. It's kinda depressing to see him have to take about 4 different medications for the rest of his life and not be able to eat as many fatty foods, but it's all good.

Anyway, we had an awesome time at Girls Camp. Audrey is so much fun to be around, she's funny and smart. I also love her accent, I mean how can you not?


Yen said...

OMG! Thank goodness it was only a minor one!!! That must have been a horrible moment for you when you found out! Tell your dad to get better. My mom and dad haven't had a heart attack, but they take like a billion (k, so not a billion, but my mom takes like 6 different meds a day) different medicines a day, so I know how you feel. Oh, and fyi, I'm so envious of you because you've met Audrey. I wish I could meet her!

Aly said...

Awwww, Keilee, I am so sorry! That's not a very nice just-got-home-from-Girl's-Camp surprise! I know how freaky it can be to have a parent's life just kind of go wack cuz of an illness-thing (alright, that was one of the less poetic sentences I've ever written); everything just kinda seems weird and not right for a while, ya know? Hope your Dad feels better soon!


Hillari said...

KEILEE!! that would be so totally scary!! I hope he stays good from now on. I know ALL about the medicine thing, my mom takes about 5 medicines a day for allergies and my dad also takes some for various reasons.

Your dad really doesn't seem like the type to go and have any type of heart attack. But I bet anything he was making all sorts of jokes about it, right? :D

Keilee said...

Aly, I totally know what you mean about everything-feeling-weird-for-awhile thing.

Hillary, I didn't think my dad was the type either, until I heard about his family history. His grandpa and cousin have both died from a heart attack, and I think there are some others who have experienced one. So ya, it runs in the family, which mostly likely means I've got those genes.

It's kinda funny, cuz now we can't really say the joke, "I was about to have a heart attack..." Just the other day, my mom was talking to my dad about the gas prices or something and said that. Once she realized what she said, my dad gave her a funny look, and she apologized.

Thanks for all of the concern, but he's fine I guess, it'll just take time to adjust.

Amanda said...

That is so scary! I'm glad your dad is OK. That family history thing can be really all my great-grandparents (and one of my grandparents) died from either heart disease or cancer...