Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cows, Hair, and Art

Hey Guys,

I've got three new stories for you. First is the cow.

We went to the children's rodeo in Mt. Pleasant last weekend. There was one thing where they had a calf with dollar bills duck-taped to it. Then they had kids in different age groups go and chase the cow to get money. Josh went and I was the only witness to the horrific accident of what happened next. First, all I saw was a cow running away from these kids, it was running really fast. Next I saw this kid step right out into the middle of his path. The cow rammed right into the kid and the kid foled over, like this, <(cow). The cow carried him about 5 feet and then the kid fell off. The crowd all went, "Oohhh!" and I thought, "Poor kid." Then the kid turned around and it was JOSH! He got up and started walking back to the cow. I started yelling, "Josh! Josh! Come back!" He told my mom later that he got up and wanted to get some money, because he hadn't gotten any before. So he started walking to the cow. Then he turned around and saw his mom and realized that he just wanted his mom. So he came back bawling and his mouth was full of blood. His head had hit the cow's horn and his bottom teeth went into his gums.

Later, my dad was driving home from church and he played his usual trick. He slams on the brakes and says, "Oops. Hit a cow." He did that on Sunday and Josh peeped up and said, "But dad, I really did hit a cow." Then we all laughed.

Next is the hair story.

I got my hair cut. Not as dramatic, but it is freakin' cute. It's a A-bob. and the longest, in front, is above my chin. In the back, none of the hair is on my neck. I love it!

Last, the art story.

I drew my first picture of a human. It was the bad girl from my dream and I had seen her so vividly that I wanted to draw her. So I did. Here's the final product. (I already know it's horrible guys. Only good comments allowed.)

So there you go, that is my summer so far. (Or the last couple weeks of it.)


Hillari said...

One of the hardest part about drawing realistic humans is getting the proportions right, and Shannah, you did great in that way. I looks very good.

I hope Josh is alright! he didn't get a concussion or anything, did he? I was @ my grandparent fair and was watching the rodeo. this guy got bucked of a gigantic bull and got stepped on his head. He died. it was very sad. i couldn't help but think about that when I read about Josh. It's good it was only a calf then.

Shannah said...

ya, he's perfectly fine. Nothing wrong. We where very blessed. Hillary, I got a wrist band for me. They wouldn't let me get one for you. They said that I could get two books and you could just pay me back. Is that ok?