Saturday, July 12, 2008

Random Wisdom from Girl's Camp

  • M! M! MAP! P! P! PLE! MAP! PLE! DOES NOT SPELL MAPLEWOOD!!! It spells Mapplewood...which is just weird.
  • The word "zeitgeist" is nearly as cool as "loquacious"
  • There is a Jericho Road concert tonight, and we should so totally go so I can get my hoodie sleeve signed by the fourth guy. YES!!! Jericho Road did a fireside at our girl's camp! WHOOT!
  • You can't replace "Spiderman" in the Spiderman song with "Legacy Park." The extra syllable just kills it. And "park" doesn't rhyme with "art"
  • When the camp next to you won't shut up, it does not help to yell "SHUT UP!" to the sky.
  • When you are in the middle of a half-blanket, half-trampoline mutation, don't think about it. Just say "all" and wave to the birds!
  • Everybody loves the river...bring your own life jacket and tube.
  • Yell "I'M AWAKE! I'M ALIVE! AND I FEEL GREAT!" every morning. It seriously works.
  • (this should be yelled very quickly)Don't mess! Don't mess! Don't mess with the best 'cuz the best don't mess(!) and we are the best from the east to the west! Centennial Park!
  • When you get home, just hope your parents had as awesome a homecoming present for you as they did for me...I HAVE A CELL PHONE!!! WHOOT!


Hillari said...

SWEEEEEEEEETTTTTT!!! another person to txt!! do you have unlimited? email me your number, k? I will email mine. YAAAAY!!!

Yen said...

Oh dear... the revolution has begun. Even Amanda has a cell phone now.. Who's next? Anyways, that's so cool, although, why did your parents get you a cell phone? Were they just being nice? Email me your number too!

Misty hearts NYC said...

i want it too!!!!!!
yen can you give me amandas??

aly do you have unlimited text?????

Misty hearts NYC said...
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