Thursday, July 17, 2008

Answering Questions

This is some other information for a reply to each of your comments on Audrey.

Yen- Can you imagine coming to a whole new continent that you've never seen before? Well, just once, she's been the Toronto, China, she wants to go to Australia, she loves to travel. Also Audrey is 16, and Aurelien is 14, almost 15 :). Also, this guy is way hotter than the rest of the European guys. (Like I'd know. :P)

Amanda- It's definitely to see HIM!

Misty- I have just gotten a new toy, that toy just happens to be human . . .

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Keilee said...

Shannah, what you just told Misty, sounds wrong. AUDREY IS NOT A TOY!! She's an awesome Frenchian.