Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Today was my first day conditioning for High School soccer, and was it hard! I never realized how out of shape I was until I had to jog around the high school for 15 straight minutes non stop. and then practice soccer. I am a little worried because everyone there was really good. I don't know if I will make it.

You know Trisha from Algebra 2? she plays soccer too and she is trying out. She is also very good. I also saw Aly Jenkins and Ashley Hunzeiker(or how ever you spell that) there and they were on my team for a drill. (Only Shannah and Keilee will know who they are.)

I have to do this every monday thru thursday 7 am to 8:3o am. It is possibly the longest hour and a half I have ever experienced. But it was fun. :D


Misty hearts NYC said...

hey!! i know ashley!! she is a very nice person. i like her.

Amanda said...

Remember what Mr. Carter said about HIS high school soccer team? And how they had to run for like 2 hours and then practice soccer? At least you don't have to do that! Congrats on being decent at soccer! Good luck on making the team!

Aly said...

Hey! I know Ashley Hunzeiker! Her team clobbered mine this one time! GO ASHLEY!

Hillari said...

huh. I didn't know you guys knew her. I hardly know her. She is just friends with a girl who was on my soccer team. the girl is Braden Stanely (if you remember him) older sister.

Hillari said...

Sorry, Braden Stanley. Not Stanely.

Keilee said...

Ummm... Hillary, I think you mean Allie Jensen, because I don't know any Aly Jenkins.

I do know Ashley Hunziker though, she's my friend. She's awesome, we hang out a lot at YW.

Hillary, you're brave to suddenly do a rigorous work out after doing almost nothing. I KNOW I wouldn't survive.