Thursday, July 3, 2008

I don't think so Shannah

You need to read Hillary's comment on Shannah's post yesterday, because it is so true and I agree with it completely. Also, remember what Bella told Jacob in "New Moon" when they were pointing out that Jacob is younger than Bella. Bella told him that in maturity years, she's like 12 years older. It would be the same with Jamie, you'd be way too mature for him. Ian would be if not as mature as us, then more mature.
Even though Ian did want to kill Wanda, he had sympathy. He changed himself for her, what can be better than that? She changed him by being herself. And about Aly seeing only his outside appearance, she was just stating one of his many good qualities. He has many more that are inside of him (like his loving nature for Wanda no matter what body she's in) that are just as beautiful as his eyes.
Anyway, that's my opinion.


Hillari said...

Yay Keilee!!! ;D

Amanda said...

I have just a comment, not having read the book and not wanting to:


Ian-a very cool, somewhat sophisticated name

Jamie-sounds like a girl name-though could be used to describe a 3-year-old or so

Wanda-I think that's a weird name. You say Wanda, I see the color purple. That's all I get from it. Who is Wanda? Is she like Bella? Cuz I think Bella is a similarly stupid name...Belle, I like, Isabelle, I add the "A" and the coolness flies out the window.

Hillari said...

Wanda's real name is Wanderer, Wanda is just a nick name. I actually don't like the nickname either. It reminds me of a nickelodeon show called the Fairly Odd Parents, because there is a character with that name. I think Wanderer is cool, though.

Aly said...

yeah! Listen to Keilee! I was just stating one of his many amazing qualities!

So HA!

Misty hearts NYC said...

either that or you are just so amazingly shallow that you only notice peoples outside appearances and venture no further...

just kidding aly i love you

Misty hearts NYC said...

i really was just kidding... please dont get offended... please