Thursday, July 3, 2008


um, what happened to our awesome music playlist? It occurred to me that it has mysteriously gone missing.


Aly said...

I killed it.

I'm sorry! But no one was giving me anything to work with! If you'll give me some songs, I'll have 'em on there!

Misty hearts NYC said...

come together by the Beatles
hey jude by the Beatles
pocket full of sunshine by natasha bettingfeld
hero/heroine by boys like girls
dont stand so close to me by the Police
piece of my by Britney sPears
toxic by britney spears
listen to your heart by dht

these are just a few suggestions. if you want more, trust me, i have them.

Misty hearts NYC said...

love song by sara barellis
crushcrushcrush by paramore
apologize by one republic
breathe (2am) by anna nalick
heart of glass by blondie
I miss you by blink 182
thriller by michael jackson (i love that song!)