Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Jazz Newzz

So, as far as interesting happenings go...our sax section (and Bountiful's) was(were) voted best sax section(s) in the BYU high school jazz that was exciting. We got a CD and a super cool reed case that can like de-humidify (is that even a word?) and like 90 reeds. 90 expensive JAZZ CUT reeds...which I've never had before! I really like mine.

And then we had Region today...and we failed. Epically. the point of FACEPALM, to use gamer language. There's a poster with says: "When what you just did is so stupid words can't describe it" or something like that...

So, yeah...and then we got back late and I missed Young Women's...which is good because I should be doing my AP American and English homework...I have to write a 4 page essay on the American Dream...and finish chapter 35...and do my World War II map...hmmm....I better go.

Sigh... -.-

We made it to state anyway! But we can't go, because it's over tour! But we made it! That proves we are decent after all!

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