Wednesday, April 28, 2010


So...our entire music department made it to state. The band, jazz band, main choir, and orchestra...I find that pretty awesome.

We didn't actually get to go to state for Jazz Band, and state for Symphonic Band is on Friday. Wish us (good) luck! I'm in full orchestra too, and that festival is on May...14th? I think...I don't actually know the date...hmmm...oh, well.



Erika said...

That is way Awesome!!!!!!!

You know Manda I'm starting to think we are thw only ones who ever look at this thing. HEY!! If any of you out there are reading this... Post or comment or SOMETHING, so we know you still alive!!!

Amanda said...

Hey, I'm pretty okay with it. As long as there's SOMEONE else who talks to me! And it's so nice to talk to you because I never get to talk to you! :D