Monday, August 23, 2010

School started. How did that go for everybody?

For me, it's pretty good. Band is small but there is hope that it could be good. Calc sounds like a ton of work. Engineering sounds like a ton of work, but much more fun. I'm depressed I can't take AP English...but at least Aly is in my class! That makes it so much better!

So about you guys?


Keilee said...

Well...I just transferred into AP Lit. today making my AP class total: 4 and possibly 5 tests, but I may not take the AP Stats test because our teacher is not very good. I'm wondering how I'm going to make it through this year- I'm no Yen ;)

My schedule:
AP English Lit.
Social Dance
Seminary (Webb)
AP European History
AP Statistics
French 4
Human Biology

and I have AP Gov. next semester. This is going to be an interesting year for sure.

Amanda said...

I didn't know you were taking AP Euro!!! It's super amazing! You have Berrong, right?

Hillary has 5 AP classes, too. You guys are awesome! I'm only taking 1! 2 if you count AP English, which I still plan on taking, even though I can't take the class.