Sunday, April 12, 2009

10 inches of My Hair is Going to Florida!

Yes, as of Friday the 10th of April in the afternoon my youngest sister (the blondie Heather) and I donated 10 inches of our hair to Locks of Love.

It feels so good! I miss my long gorgeous hair, but it's nice to not have it everywhere annoying me at once. Hopefully I'll get it layered soon because the straight bob isn't doing it for me.

Just wanted to warn everyone so that the next time I am seen, it won't scare anyone.


Amanda said...

Why Florida???

Yen said...

EEK! You need to post a picture! I think you would look really cute with layered hair!

Hillari said...

Keilee, you can e-mail me the picture and I will post it. :D

Keilee said...

Florida is where Locks of Love is centered, well at least it's where we are told to send hair.

I'll try that Hillary.

Misty said...

I need to see it!!!!!!!