Monday, April 20, 2009


OK guys.
I sent out an email pertaining to my SWEET sixteen birthday party, so check your emails soon!!!! and reply, of course! 

My braces are for positive coming off on the Second of May.  And I am possibly for positive getting my license on my SWEET sixteenth birthday!!!!!!! AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! I'm so excited, I almost don't know what to do with myself.
The only sad news I have is that I am not going to prom after all, because my boyfriend had already bought tickets to the Eagles concert taking place on the same night. 

*Random Side Note* I also found a new band that I have absolutely fallen in love with: The Script.  They sing The Man Who Can't Be Moved and many others.  How do I put my playlist on here so that most of you can hear their awesomeness and Irish accents?


Hillari said...

I can come to your party, though I can't sleep over. :(. I can stay till like midnight though!!

To put your playlist on the blog.
1. go to your playlist page. next to your playlist there is some options bulleted. click on the one that says "add your playlist to MySpace or Facebook" click on option E. all your prefrences and such then click the big green "get code button" Copy that big long code thing.

3. open our blog. log in if not already done. then at the home screen there should be a button on the right hand corner that says "customize". click on that. there is a list of boxes some with names, such as "FRIENDS!!" and "My Awesome Playlist!!" go down and find a box that just says HTML/java script. click the little blue edit button on the corner.

4.paste the code in the area, making sure there are no spaces to start out with. Give it a title and press save. then click view blog and voila! you have a playlist on our blog! Yay!*clapping*

Misty said...

OK sweet!! My mother can take you home on the fifteenth... how late can you stay? like midnight? or later?

thank you for giving me such detailed instructions, i will see if they work :)

Hillari said...

probably midnight. maybe a little later, but i'll have to ask

and your very welcome. :D

Amanda said...

I can stay probably til eleven or maybe midnight. (I think my curfew's eleven on weekends, but if we're watching a movie or something and I call it's usually OK)

Erika said...

I also can come, probably until midnight, or eleven like manda.
What time, or did you already say that and I missed it?

Misty said...

It will start at six.