Thursday, June 18, 2009

For Aly and Hillary

You guys have totally rubbed off on me. (Not that that's a bad thing ^_^)

I was getting some more driving hours today (8 hours 25 minutes to go!), and we were trying to get night hours, so we started while the sun was going down, and we get to this open place just past the main part of Roy, and the sun is shining off the mountains and making everything slightly rosy. My first thought: That light is so amazing. I wish I had a camera. My second thought: Why aren't Aly and Hillary here?


Hillari said...

Oh, yeah. Our plan is working Aly!! :D *evil chuckle*

Aly said...

Yes, yes...our evil plan to...what was it again? Make everyone take pretty pictures?

Hillari said...

*sigh* Don't you remember anything, Aly? Honestly. Our plan was to brainwash them so they constantly thought like us and shared in our torture. ;)